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Louisiana has suffered a recent setback in its quest for legal sports betting. A bill that would have put the question to voters failed to pass before the end of the legislative session.

As a result, there is no firm date about when to expect sports betting. Even worse, the failure of the bill has muddied the water for fantasy sports instate, too.

What was in the LA sports betting bill?

The bill, HB-459, was mainly a measure to allocate revenue for fantasy sports. The language in the bill helped to strengthen the regulatory framework for DFS, which saw its own legalization pass in 2018.

Sports betting was an attached amendment to HB-459. It would have allowed voters in each parish to decide if each individual parish would be home to sports betting.

What still needs to happen?

Louisiana is heading back to the drawing board. Presumably, pro-sports betting advocates like State Sen. Danny Martiny will begin gathering support again.

Projected sports betting launch date

We’re targeting January 2021, at the earliest. There is no guarantee about a timeline for Louisiana to join the group of sports betting states, at this point. Unlike the situation in a state like Michigan, Louisiana’s lawmakers are not mostly unified behind the concept of legalizing sports betting.


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