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Missouri Online Sportsbooks FAQ

Does The Indigo Sky Casino Offer Sports Gambling?

No, the Indigo Sky Casino does not offer sports gambling at this time. They do offer games like blackjack and poker and also bingo. The Indigo Sky Casino opened in the year 2012 by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and is located in Oklahoma. The Casino also offers more than 1,200 slot machines.

Which teams do Missouri bettors win the most money on?

Missouri bettors are spoiled, as the state is home to five major league teams: the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals, and the MLS’ Sporting Kansas City. Of these, naturally, the NFL’s Chiefs get by far the most action, though all are popular on the regional books. And naturally, MO bettors put a lot of money on Mizzou, too.

Will legal Missouri sports betting take business away from Mississippi’s sportsbooks?

Even though they are neighbors, it is unlikely that Missouri’s own sports wagering initiatives will have much of an impact on Mississippi’s casino venues. The sportsbooks in MS are part of a larger destination gambling experience, and people who travel from MO to MS to gamble are not going for sports betting alone. As a general rule, resort-oriented casino locations will not be hampered by competition from other states in the sports betting market.

What are the chances that Missouri legalizes sports betting in 2021?

The chances for Missouri legalizing sports betting in 2021 are favorable when compared to other legislative sessions. Missouri made tremendous progress in the 2020 session to shine a light on the sports wagering industry and what it would mean for the state in terms of revenue if lawmakers legalized it. It may have even gone all the way for passage into law but the Coronavirus Pandemic ceased all further movement on the bills that were on the table. However, allows the state to go into 2021 in a great position to make the gambling on sporting events legal as policymakers are well versed on the industry and in need of new revenue streams that sports betting could provide if it became a legal market in Missouri.

Will local MO sportsbooks accept Bitcoin to fund my account?

Probably not, although it is a remote possibility. As a general rule, if you wish to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency (Litecoin, Ehtereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Cardano, Stellar, etc.), you will need to use an online sportsbook located overseas. Fortunately, all of the most reputable, highest-rated books offer crypto support, making your online betting experience that much more safe and secure.

What Are The Advantages To Betting Online?

In Missouri sports gambling allowances are few and far in between. It is not legal to bet on sports within Missouri borders, so betting online through an offshore online sports book gives you the freedom to bet on sports even if you live in Missouri. You have access to numerous regulated offshore sports books where you can bet on a wide variety of sports. Another advantage is that you can also use various payment methods instead of being limited to only cash and a credit card. There is also the advantage of being able to gamble without fear of any legal penalties.

Are Online Gambling Winnings Taxable?

In Missouri for gambling that is not keno, bingo, poker, or slots you are only required to report winnings of over $600 dollars. For slot machines and bingo games you are required to report winnings of $1,200 or more. $1,500 or more for keno winnings and $5,000 or more for poker tournament winnings. Gambling winnings from offshore sports, even though in state sports gambling is not legal, is still required to be reported to the IRS once the winnings are received.

How Many Gambling Sites Can I Use?

You are free to use as many gambling sites as you want. The regulated, safe, offshore sportsbooks are all free to join and require no monthly fee for access. You can use these sites at any time of the day and join as many of them as you desire.

Can I Bet On Horses In Missouri?

Horse wagering is legal in Missouri, as well as bingo games sponsored by charitable organizations. While Missouri is very restrictive on a large percentage of types of gambling, horse wagering is one of the few things that is not on that list. The Indigo Sky Casino in Missouri also offers off-track betting as well.


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