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Sports Betting In South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the more conservative states out there in regards to gambling. The Palmetto State only has an established lottery and there are no casinos in it. Does that mean that the gambling laws prevent sports betting in South Carolina? Absolutely not! In fact, things are looking to change for the state. There are bills that are being considered that will legalize and regulate state-licensed sportsbooks.

Doesn’t that mean that sports betting is illegal? That answer is also no. South Carolina residents have been enjoying betting on sports for decades now even though the state has not passed any sports betting laws. This is because online offshore sportsbooks allow them to do so. If you are wondering how any of this is possible, then you have come to the right place. We are here to tell you about the legal sports betting sites you can visit while you are in South Carolina and explain the laws that surround sports betting in the state. By reading through this page and the rest of the website, you will have a full understanding about sports betting for South Carolina residents.

Betting On The NFL In South Carolina

NFL LogoSouth Carolina residents can be some of the most passionate football fans in the whole country and that only translates to NFL betting. Those in South Carolina love to root for the Carolina Panthers on Sundays, but even if you root for another team there is still plenty of betting opportunity in the state. The NFL is the most-watched sporting league in the country and routinely brings in the most sports betting revenue of any league. Due to this, sportsbooks prioritize the NFL when it comes to odds, prop bets, futures bets, and anything else available to bet on. While the SC state government has yet to take advantage of their opportunity to bring state-sponsored sports betting to the state, there are still plenty of options for those looking to bet on the NFL in South Carolina. The online international sportsbooks we feature all over our site are the perfect way to bet on the NFL. These websites are perfectly safe and legal to use for SC residents and have paid out thousands to users in the state. Be sure to check out all of your options next time you are looking to bet on the NFL.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting South Carolina Players

Residents of South Carolina will find that there are very few problems to be encountered when it comes to finding a betting site, as we have tested out the various options available. While not all of the many internet based sportsbooks are safe and trusted enough for us to recommend that you use them, there are plenty of options that can be used for a quality experience that won’t get you in trouble with the law.

Should you decide to join up with any of our most frequently recommended sites you will see rapid transactions, a huge deposit bonus, and various odds on a wide number of sports. If you follow our advice you will never have to bet through a subpar experience, as you can safely bet without too much trouble.

Bovada – Get $250 Free At The Best Sportsbooks

Bovada SportsbookResidents who love to bet on the Carolina Panthers or the Clemson Tigers will get their money’s worth when they use Bovada. Bovada is the number one sportsbook in all of South Carolina. And it should be, the website provides the best odds and is the industry leader in sportsbooks. Signing up for a free account in Bovada has led sports bettors all over the Palmetto State to winning thousands of dollars in winnings.

There is more reason to sign up for Bovada as well. If you love getting free cash (as you should), you will love the 50% Welcome Bonus. When you make your very first deposit, Bovada will give you a 50% match bonus for up to $250. No bonus code or anything needed, all you have to do is sign up and deposit your money into your account. It’s an excellent way to get started because that is less of your own money being put at risks for your first bets!

SportsBetting – Live Betting Keeps The Action Going

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is the spot where you will want to bet on South Carolina or if you want to bet on Citadel. The website also has futures for legal South Carolina CFP Betting Odds included. In case we haven’t made it clear yet, this website has it all. The number of sports and teams you can wager on with this easy to navigate website is extremely high. South Carolina residents will not be bored when they use this site because new odds are constantly being posted. If you want never ending odds on one of the cleanest online sportsbooks, SportsBetting is your best bet.

If you want more action while you bet, you should check out SportsBetting’s live betting section. Live betting allows you to make bets on a live game, even after bets have locked in. You can wager on various plays on a game, such as who is going to score next or if the next shot is going to have a foul as well. Live betting allows bettors more opportunities to bet on a game and it lets them have more fun watching a game rather than just waiting for the game to end to see the results of your bet. If that sounds interesting to you, make sure to head over to SportsBetting and sign up for free.

BetOnline – Convenient Mobile Betting Get You In The Action

BetOnline SportsbookWhether you live in Charleston, Columbia, or anywhere else in South Carolina, BetOnline is a great choice for you to get into sports betting. Ask anyone who bets on sports and they will tell you that BetOnline is an amazing online offshore sportsbook. There are tons of odds and lines for you to wager on and fans know that BetOnline provides the best odds out of any other online offshore sportsbooks. This sportsbook has been around for decades and Clemson fans trust this site to give them the best odds.

If you are a sports bettor who is constantly on the move and you don’t have the time to sit down and place your bets, then BetOnline has you in mind. If you access their online sportsbook using your mobile device or tablet, you will be able to automatically redirected to their mobile website. It’s fast, no download is needed, and it can be used anywhere. Not only that, you will get an exclusive $50 free play bonus on your first bet just for using the mobile version of the website. So, sign up using your mobile device and get in on the action, no matter where you are in South Carolina!

Best South Carolina Sports Betting Sites – 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook 50% New Member Bonus! VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA
Xbet Sportsbook 100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
BetDSI Sportsbook 100% Up To $500 VISA, Bitcoin, Checks

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Carolina?

Residents of South Carolina who question the legalities of sports betting will have to know that it is currently illegal to place wagers on sports if you do so with a person in a live setting. If you bet online, you will not actually face any charges, troubles or complications. At any rate, our extensive research on this subject has never once revealed even a single instance of anyone having been arrested, much less charged or convicted solely on account of having placed wagers on a sporting event.

South Carolina Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Under section 16-19-130 of the South Carolina Criminal Code, bookmaking or pool selling is currently a crime. The legislature has made it a goal to prohibit accepting bets rather than placing them. The state laws do indicate that it is illegal to “engage in betting,” but language found in various other parts of the law indicates that it is a crime to engage in this activity. However, nothing written into the laws has any reference to the Internet, online gambling, or wire communications in any way. This would generally indicate that it is actually legal to bet on sports, provided that you use only online sportsbook services for the purpose, though there is some debate over this matter. Read more about legal sports betting here.

Legal Gambling Age For South Carolina Residents

With a lack of any regulated form of gambling in the state, players have to default to the age of 21 in order to legally gamble. Failure to adhere to this age restriction could cause a wealth of problems, not the least of which is having all of your winnings confiscated when you decide to cash in. Note that this only applies to the Internet, as there are no live/land-based gambling locations in South Carolina.

Mobile Sports BettingSports Betting On My Phone in South Carolina

Gambling in South Carolina is restricted to two riverboat cruises in Little River that make twice-daily trips into international waters. Because of the state’s legislative history, fully state-sanctioned online sports betting in unlikely for the foreseeable future. However, South Carolina residents can still legally place bets from mobile devices with online sportsbooks, which fall outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Wire Act. With these online sportsbooks, users can simply log on to the website from their mobile device’s internet browser to gain full access to the sportsbook while on the go. There is no app download required, just a simple internet connection. These mobile versions of the site are completely optimized for smaller screens but still contain all of the features of the sportsbook just like you were using a computer.

Live In-Game Betting In South Carolina

One of the best parts about betting on sports with today’s online sportsbooks is the ability to live bet. Live betting refers to a form of wagering that occurs while the game is in play. With live betting, the odds and wager lines shift and adapt according to whatever is happening in the game, meaning those who watch the game and lines closely can take advantage of the odds when it is the most valuable. With today’s advancements in online sportsbooks, live betting is better than ever. Live betting is now offered on the majority of major sporting events, and even some of the more obscure ones depending on which book you choose. Experienced bettors can use live betting to hedge their bets, and even to double down on a team that goes down early. With live betting, there is always more opportunity to win.

Land Based Gambling In South Carolina

Southern Elegance Casino Cruise, SunCruz Casino Myrtle Beach

There are no land-based gambling options in the state of South Carolina. You will see that there are two cruise ships, but these are kind of limited. Only slots and table games can be found by way of these casinos. Otherwise, you will not have any choices for gaming. The Internet is your only bastion for gaming if you decided you want to participate in more options than you will have to visit the various online gaming sites we have found.

Cities With Sportsbooks In South Carolina

South Carolina only has a few casinos to call its own, and none of them have a sports betting component, as it remains illegal to place wagers on sporting events in the Palmetto State. At any rate, all these casinos are not traditional casino properties that are based on land, but rather are casino cruise ships. That means that the cities with sportsbooks in South Carolina will likely be limited to Charleston (and North Charleston, which is located in the same combined metro area) and Columbia, as other major population centers and popular destinations like Myrtle Beach do not have any casinos conveniently located near them. In any event, every city in South Carolina is technically a city with a sportsbook, seeing as the legal offshore sports betting sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and MyBookie already serve players across the Palmetto State.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In South Carolina

1) If something as simple as a game involving cards or dice is illegal, how is online sports betting legal?

Betting on sports in South Carolina remains legal due to the fact that the only way to actually do so is to use an internet sportsbook based overseas. South Carolina’s criminal codes do not mention internet gambling as one of the prohibited wagering activities in the state, meaning that the offshore sportsbook websites we recommend most frequently for our readers – those being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie – are your best bet when you want to get in on the action. Sometimes a little legal gray area is all you need to enjoy 100 percent legal sports betting, and that is certainly true in this case.

2) Where are the laws based on gambling stated online?

You can find the laws online through the South Carolina state legislature’s website, which can be found by visiting You will, of course, need to read up on all the details in the law related to sports betting for South Carolina residents, as this is a matter of crucial importance for anyone in the Palmetto State looking to bet on sports the legal way. As we have already pointed out, you will not find any mention in the state’s criminal code referencing wagering over the internet, which leads us to conclude that using legal offshore sportsbook sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie is inherently safe in South Carolina.

3) If I win my bets, how will I cash in my winnings?

Every sportsbook handles this differently, but it is not uncommon for most betting sites to process cashouts through checks and similar options, such as bank wire transfers, money orders and the like. However, in recent years, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies have really taken off as the preeminent means of collecting a withdrawal of your winnings after you place a successful wager. Bitcoin and other crypto altcoins like Dash, Ethereum or Cardano are accepted to varying degrees at all the major legal offshore sportsbooks serving South Carolina players, and there is simply no faster or more secure way to get access to your winnings than by using this option, no matter whether you are playing at Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI or MyBookie.

4) Do online sportsbooks protect my identity?

Yes. Every online sportsbook protects their players through various methods, such as encryption and a secure cashier. This is just one of the many positive features of using a reputable, trusted and proven legal offshore sportsbook providing the opportunity for sports betting for South Carolina residents. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie are so far out ahead of their competitors in the online sportsbooks segment that there is really no comparison between them in terms of user security, which makes the choice easier than ever.

5) What makes online sports betting legal if land based sports betting is not legal?

Online sports betting is protected by the fact that there is no written law making it a crime to bet on sports. Well, technically, is against the law to bet on sports in South Carolina, but those same laws do not mention internet gambling as a prohibited activity at all, which means that you can feel safe betting on your favorite teams, players and events – provided you stick to sites like the ones we recommend. Under no circumstances should you do business with an unauthorized bookie, whether online or in person if you want to avoid trouble with the law.

6) Do federal laws prohibit online sports betting?

No. No federal law has made it a crime for you to personally wager on sports, but accepting bets is a crime. Don’t attempt to operate your own sportsbook. Up until May 2018, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was a federal level law that prohibited 46 of 50 states (of which South Carolina was definitely not one) from passing their own laws to legalize and regulate sports wagering. However, now that the US Supreme Court has declared PASPA to be unconstitutional and accordingly overturned it, South Carolina is free to pursue its own course of action in this regard. So, for now anyway, there is no federal law that prohibits online sports betting specifically.

7) What penalties exist for underage gambling?

If you try to gamble when you underage (that is, under the legal minimum age to bet at the online sportsbooks serving players in South Carolina), you will generally have your funds confiscated, though you could be reported to the authorities. However, it is worth pointing out that the minimum age to bet using our most highly recommended legal offshore sportsbook sites is 18, though the minimum gambling age in the Palmetto State is 21. We suggest you stick to the higher age threshold for extra security when betting on sports, no matter what means you use to bet.

8) How do I open an account with an online sportsbook?

You will have to simply provide your personal information, a user name, a password, and a funding option. The entire process is actually fairly streamlined, but it does take a short while, and you will need to provide plenty of documentation. This is just an extra security feature designed to keep your sensitive personal and financial information safe, and it is 100 percent free to sign up anytime.

9) Are credit cards a legal funding option for these online betting sites?

Yes. Credit cards are one of the main funding options through most online sportsbooks, but in recent years this method has been supplanted in terms of popularity and reliability, to say nothing of security, by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Rather than taking a chance that your credit or debit card information might not be accepted or that there could be delays in getting your wagering account funded, our recommendation is to bankroll your account using Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum or Cardano (where accepted).

10) If my credit card is declined, how will I end up making payments?

You will see that e-wallets, e-checks, and wire transfers are all eligible for making payments into the legal sports betting sites for South Carolina residents. Again, we cannot stress enough just how much simpler using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies makes the deposit and withdrawal process. You will not be able to find a way of doing either that is faster or more secure than using a cryptocurrency to load money into your account when using a site that offers legal sports betting for South Carolina residents.


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