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West Virginia sportsbook bonuses and rewards

Regardless of which West Virginia sportsbook you choose to frequent, you will have the opportunity to redeem several types of bonuses. Online sportsbooks have to contend with having competitors a button press away, so they are always looking for ways to engender loyalty and repeat visits from their customer base.

Bonuses and rewards at West Virginia sportsbooks tend to come in a few varieties. Each type of bonus has its own positives and caveats, so it’s important that you know what you’re agreeing to when you claim one of these offers. First things first, here are the bonus types:

  • No deposit
  • Deposit/match/reload
  • Cashback/insurance
  • Event repetition/drip
  • Rewards/loyalty
  • Odds boost

Before we talk in more detail about the types of bonuses you’ll encounter, there are a couple of things you need to know. The first item is that there are different ways that you may receive a bonus.

Types of awards

Most of the time, a sportsbook that promises to reward you with cash is not going to send you actual money. Instead, you will receive an equivalent amount of site credit to the advertised bonus amount.

Now, this site credit works identically to actual cash while you’re on the site. The main difference, though, is that you cannot cash it out to your bank account — not initially, anyway.

Another type of reward that you might acquire is a free bet. Free bets are similar to site credits in that they allow you to place wagers onsite. However, they are always dispensed with a specific face value attached to them and cannot be divided in any way. So, if you want to use a free bet, you’ll have to use the whole thing, and you can only use it once.

Now, it is possible that a bonus might pay out actual cash. A few bonuses, particularly for new players, will use this type of reward as a selling point.

However, actual cash bonuses are never going to be more than a few bucks. Sportsbooks are not usually managed by naive individuals, and they know that opportunistic people would be more than happy to put as much free cash in their pockets as they could.

Important terms and conditions

You may be wondering how you can convert those site credits into real dollars. The key to that question lies in the terms and conditions of each bonus. We recommend that you take the time to read over the terms and conditions of any bonus that you’re thinking about claiming, or you might find yourself in an unfavorable situation.

The first thing to look for in terms and conditions is a confirmation of the type of reward you will receive. If the sportsbook’s advertising for the bonus hasn’t been clear about whether you’ll receive bonus dollars, free bets or straight cash, you can get a definitive answer here.

Second, you need to look for language regarding the playthrough requirement associated with the bonus. The playthrough, or wagering, requirement is a mandate from the sportsbook that you bet an amount of money equivalent to a multiple of the bonus amount. The playthrough requirement could require you to bet through the bonus a single time, or it could be a steep requirement that demands wagers totaling 50 times the bonus amount.

In other words, if you were due to receive $100 in bonus money, you might have to wager anything from $100 (1x) to $5,000 (50x) to unlock the funds as withdrawable cash. Depending on the house advantage and your run of luck, it would be quite possible that you’d end up losing money on the deal.

You should also look for the time limits for redeeming the bonus and satisfying the playthrough requirement. If you have to bet through $5,000 in a week and you’re usually a $10 bettor, it’s going to take a herculean effort on your part to release the money. At that point, you should seriously consider whether the cash you’ll receive is worth the adverse effects that satisfying the requirement will have on your life.

With all that said, many bonuses are actually great deals and can give your bankroll a boost. Here are the types of bonuses you will encounter.

No deposit

A no deposit bonus is one of the most wonderful things in all of sports betting. For almost nothing, the sportsbook will fill your account with a certain amount of money. This money is yours to wager as you see fit.

In order to redeem a no deposit bonus, you usually need to either use a secure link to trigger the site itself, or you need a promotional code to enter as you register. The only thing that you will surrender in a no deposit bonus is the time that it takes to create your new account.

These bonuses are almost exclusively reserved for new players. In most cases, no deposit bonuses are issued as site credits. Because they are usually a welcome bonus, sportsbooks mostly attach a rather small playthrough requirement to the funds. In fact, in the vast majority of no deposit bonuses, a single playthrough will release the bonus — which is convenient, since you were probably going to use the money for betting, anyway.

No deposit bonuses are rarely more than a few bucks. However, it’s hard to turn your nose up at any amount of free money.


The opposite type of bonus to a no deposit bonus is, obviously, the deposit bonus. This type of bonus commits the sportsbook to match a designated percentage of your deposit amount, effectively doubling a portion of your deposit in your account.

The percentage can be as high as 100%, where the sportsbook will match your entire deposit dollar-for-dollar. However, there will always be a limit as to the absolute amount of money the sportsbook will match.

For instance, a typical offer for a new player might be a 100% match up to $500. So you can deposit any amount you want, but the book will only match up to $500 of your deposit.

You might also encounter offers that will match a smaller percentage up to a certain amount. For example, a 20% match up to $500 means that you can still receive $500 in bonus money, but you’ll have to deposit $2,500 to get it.

Because of how these bonuses work, they are often called match bonuses. You may also come across offers that call themselves “reload” bonuses, which are functionally identical to deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses often come with some of the most stringent playthrough requirements. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time and money playing if you’re trying to release a large amount of bonus money.


A cashback bonus will make sure that the worst you can do is break even. In this type of bonus, the sportsbook will refund all of your net losses in a certain timeframe or on designated markets.

Cashback bonuses will always come with a limit to them, however. You can only receive compensation up to a certain dollar amount. In some cases, a cashback offer might only allow you to recoup a percentage of your losses. In a way, these bonuses are the other side of the coin from deposit bonuses.

Now, it’s important to understand that cashback bonuses apply to net losses only. If you happen to break even or come out ahead overall after the designated time period, you will not receive any money back — even if you lost quite a bit along the way.

The refunds are usually issued in site credits or bonus money, too. A typical cashback offer will have a 1x playthrough requirement, so you won’t just get your money back like nothing happened.

You may also see sportsbooks carrying insurance bonuses. These bonuses work the same way as cashback bonuses.

Event repetition/drip

Sports are repetitive. In a single game, a good player often performs the same move over and over en route to a victory. At their core, that’s what statistics are measuring.

Sportsbooks will offer bonuses that reward you for these repetitions. Every time a player or team performs a certain action, you will receive a flat bump of cash.

These bonuses can attach to any statistic, really. For instance, you might be promised a $3 payout for each reception by a chosen NFL receiver.

The catch is that you will have to make a certain type of bet at a certain price in order to redeem the bonus. There generally will be a great deal of uncertainty about whether you can recoup your outlay of cash from however many times you manage to receive another bit of money.

These bonuses are sometimes called drip bonuses for the way that they slowly send dollops of dollars your direction. If nothing else, they can make minor events in a game or match more exciting.

Rewards/loyalty program

A rewards or loyalty program is a way for sportsbooks to keep bettors playing as long and as much as they can. If you spend money on a site, you can earn points or credits to be tallied on your permanent account.

These points function in two ways. First, you can use the points to redeem various prizes onsite. Free bets, bonus dollars and other goodies are all available for a price.

The points can also serve to create different levels of prestige within the rewards program. As you play more, you can receive better deals and more perks on both the site and at the sportsbook’s land-based casino partner.

Rewards programs are always free to join. If you find a sportsbook that says otherwise, find a new sportsbook.

These programs can be a nice little benefit for your time onsite. However, take care not to let the earning of points become your reason for playing. It’s much more fun to pay for things with winnings than with points.

Odds boosts

The last type of bonus that you might see may not look immediately like a bonus. In a sense, the odds boost hides in plain sight because of its prominence on many sportsbook websites. However, an odds boost is certainly a type of bonus.

In an odds boost, the sportsbook will artificially adjust the odds on a bet in favor of the player. So, for instance, a moneyline at +200 might now be listed at +220.

The result is that there is an increased payout potential on this bet. Thus, it is a more attractive bet to make, since you’re due to earn 10% more. Mind you, the actual game outlook hasn’t changed because of the odds boost. The team in the example is still a 2:1 underdog to win the game.

However, if the team can manage to pull out a W, you will be paid as if it were a 2.2:1 underdog. So you’ll be getting your money’s worth on the bet.

Odds boosts are so prevalent because they are one of the main ways that sportsbooks can inspire wagering on low-priority games. They are usually in their own section, and they change each day as the games play out.


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