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Best Sportsbook Overall –

How do you know when you are dealing with the #1 online sportsbook? It all starts with a glowing reputation, longevity (around longer then MICROSOFT!) in a very difficult sports betting industry and a pioneer in the business that is always on the leading edge in the changes that go on in the gaming world.

At Bookmaker, they have a slogan that is known the world over. “Where the Line Originates” is a saying that Bookmaker made famous because they have always been at the forefront of posting odds and lines before any other bookmaker in the business. Other online sports betting sites turn to Bookmaker when establishing the sports betting odds and lines because they know they have a very talented group of oddsmakers.

This great talent is combined with a top notch customer service staff that is excited and eager to assist in all of their gambling or sports betting needs. Combine that with the lightning-fast payouts, easy deposit methods and state of the art website and these are just some of the reasons that this is the best online sportsbook in the world.

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  <p> #2 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>150% Bonus up to $7500</li> <li>50% Reloads Up to $10k</li> <li>150% Casino Sign-up Bonus up to $3,000</li> <li>Loyalty Progam</li> <li>25% Cash bonus reloads up to $5000</li> <li>Free Contests</li> </ul>   <h2>Biggest US Sportsbook Bonus - BetUS</h2> <p>As the name implies, BetUS Sportsbook is a sportsbook that wants to cater to the needs of sports betting and gambling fanatics in the United States. BetUS has been in operation since 1994 and spent some time trying to catch up to some of the heavy hitters in the business, but they’ve reached the point now where they can be mentioned in the same breath.</p> <p>With a vibrant, stunning sports betting interface on both desktop and mobile, this sleek and sophisticated looking design is one that will catch your eye immediately and we know how much first impressions matter. The better it looks, the easier it is to find exactly what you want when you want it and even though BetUS has a lot going on, they’ve found a way to still make it easy on the sports bettor.</p> <p>Some of the best sign-up bonuses in the industry reside at BetUS, including a cryptocurrency deposit bonus up to $7500 with a low 10x rollover. The bad things that you’ve heard about BetUS are in the past because they are looking to rebuild a reputation that was once among the best in the business and their quest to do that means that you benefit when you sign up at BetUS.</p>   <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of Biggest US Sportsbook Bonus - BetUS:</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biggest US Sportsbook Bonus - BetUS Review</a> </p>      <p> #3 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>Player Props – $25 Risk Free Bet</li> <li>Moible Betting – $50 Risk Free Bet</li> <li>In-Game Betting – $25 Risk Free Bet</li> <li>48 Hr Payouts</li> <li>Over 1000 Wagering Options Daily</li> <li>Trusted for over 20yrs!</li> </ul>   <h2>Best For Early Odds - </h2> <p> is a online sportsbook that has everything to offer. BOL is one of the first to hit the board with college football lines on Sunday afternoons and also has the most extensive player prop betting catalogs in the industry. The best part? You can even build your own player props!</p> <p>Most online sports betting sites won’t allow you to do that, but BetOnline will take a line of five receptions down to four or up to six, so long as you are willing to pay the juice or expect more from your favorite wide receiver in that game. You can also bet custom-made head-to-head props in a given game or during a given week.</p> <p>BetOnline is extremely safe and very easy to use. The user-friendly sports betting interface makes betting a breeze and transactions are swift and efficient. BetOnline advertises payouts within 24 hours and really makes it easy to deposit with Bitcoin, which is the smartest and safest way to play at even the best online sportsbooks.</p> <p>It also has one of the top in-game live betting interfaces so that you can sit there on your couch with a beer in one hand, a phone in the other, and lock in your wagers as you watch the game.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of Best For Early Odds - :</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Best For Early Odds - Review</a> </p>      <p> #4 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>25% Reload Bonuses</li> <li>Free Contests</li> <li>8% Horse Bet Rebate</li> <li>Daily Give Aways</li> <li>Live Dealer Casino</li> <li>Visa/Mastercard/ECheck Deposit Options</li> </ul>   <h2></h2> <p>  is one of the finest staffed online betting sites in the world TODAY, simple as that. This Costa Rican-based operation takes special pride in its excellence, as demonstrated by its worthy Customer Service Department, where the best practices in customer/bookie interaction are enforced continuously, for the delight of many unsuspecting new clients.</p> <p>“Judging a book by its cover” – Your mother always told you not to, we’re sure; however, this one time, it might just be the right thing to do, for MyBookie is TRULY YOUR BOOKIE. This orientation towards a more personable approach of client/company relations has steadily –in a short period of time- turned the novelty book into a wide-ranged sensation, gaining positive rapport from regulating entities worldwide.</p> <p>The Product:<br />There’s hardly anything you may be prompted to suggest, that they haven’t done, –as far as line options pertain- when you can count on MyBookie to cater to every conceivable betting taste: from classics like NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL Leagues, to the randomness of Entertainment, Politics and even Religion! This one Bookie can accept as little as $50.00 for a first-time deposit, and won’t give you the run-around when processing your payout, which it can execute with wondrous speed, to your method of choice.</p> <p>Bonuses:<br />MyBookie’s Bonus Program doesn’t necessarily depart greatly from the competition standard, but it can proficiently make good by its promise of fairness and comprehensive bonus regulations. At the moment, welcomes new customers with a 100% Sign-Up Bonus for deposits as small as $50.00 and as big as $1,000, with a 10x Rollover requirement.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> Review</a> </p>   <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Visit Website</a></p>  <p> Bonus Code </p> <p><b>BTB</b><br />Deposit Bonus<br /><b>100% Deposit Bonus , $20 Risk Free Bet</b></p>      <p> #5 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>Cash Back On Losses</li> <li>75% Match Bonus On BTC Deposits</li> <li>Early Bet Cash Out Option</li> <li>100% Poker Welcome Bonus</li> <li>Live Betting</li> <li>Live Dealer Casino</li> </ul>   <h2>Most Well Known - Bovada</h2> <p>There has been a running joke in internet circles in recent years that comes about when major media outlets cite Bovada odds and betting lines. The irony is that a lot of writers would refer to Bovada as “Vegas”. That would cause quite an uproar.</p> <p>You know what, though? Bovada sure seems to be as close to Las Vegas as you can get without being there. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of people that get the Las Vegas gambling experience every day from the comforts of home by signing into their Bovada accounts. You can really do it all at Bovada, minus the cigarette smoke, the loud drunks, and the slow pace of the Vegas gaming areas.</p> <p>The sportsbook is overflowing with online sports betting markets and things to bet. NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, college basketball, tennis, soccer, rugby, wrestling, UFC, Bellator, boxing, golf, entertainment…we think you get the idea. If you want to bet on it, it is listed at Bovada. If you want to bet on it and it isn’t, it either isn’t available anywhere or you can reach out to customer service and see if somebody can put that line up for you.</p> <p>The user experience is an essential part of the mentality at Bovada. That is why Bovada is among the industry leaders with prop betting and futures betting markets. Having something different to offer is what makes the best online sportsbooks stand apart from the crowd. By offering so many variations of bets, Bovada is able to reach a wide range of people, from the Sunday Warrior looking to bet $5 or $10 on an NFL side to the most astute prop bettors that are looking to get $500 on an NHL first period or a MLB home run prop.</p> <p>Bovada, in and of itself, is relatively new. The site started in December 2011, but there is a lot more to the history of the people that started this gambling site and the people that continue to run it to this day. While it is one of the younger kids on the block, it hasn’t taken long to carve out its reputation as one of the top one-stop shops for betting in the entire world.</p> <p>Bovada isn’t just a sportsbook either. The live casino offers over 300 virtual slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and all of your other favorites, either fully animated or with the assistance of a “live dealer”. Remember that Las Vegas experience? Bovada has it in spades with the live casino. Of course, Bovada also boasts the #1 online poker room in the United States, too.</p> <p>If you want it, you’ve got it at Bovada. And you want it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a new sportsbook. Give Bovada the onceover, because that is literally all it will take, and then sign up today.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of Most Well Known - Bovada:</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Most Well Known - Bovada Review</a> </p>   <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Visit Website</a></p>  <p> Bonus Code </p> <p><b>BTB</b><br />Deposit Bonus<br /><b>Up To $3750 in Welcome Bonuses</b></p>      <p> #6 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>20 Years Experience in Online Gaming</li> <li>Fast, Free Secure Payouts</li> <li>Live Betting</li> <li>#1 Rewards Program -Turn Betpoints into Cash</li> <li>Daily Free Streak Contest</li> <li>E-Sports</li> </ul>   <h2>Best Rewards Program -</h2> <p>Some bettors go in search of a diamond in the rough when they are looking for a sportsbook to place bets at. It is hardly ironic that Diamond Sportsbook International, better known as BetDSI, is exactly what sports bettors are looking for. There are certain sportsbooks that just stand out from the rest due to the many things that they offer to the sports betting enthusiasts. One of those sportsbooks is Diamond Sportsbook International (DSI) who also goes by the name of BetDSI.</p> <p>At BetDSI they have a worldly reputation for leading the way in the online gambling world. They are based and operated from the safe haven of San Jose, Costa Rica and they have been in the online sports betting business since 1998, cementing a legacy that always gets rave reviews.</p> <p>The reason that they are loved and adored by their loyal players starts with the customer service department that treats all of their clients like they are the most important person to have an account at their fully functional sportsbook. Knowledgeable representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email, phone or live chat to make the sports betting experience the best that they have ever had.</p> <p>This service along with plentiful betting options, live betting, quick payouts, and state of the art technology is something to see easily making them our best sportsbook.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of Best Rewards Program -</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Best Rewards Program - Review</a> </p>      <p> #7 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>150% Free Play Deposit Bonus</li> <li>Same Day Payouts</li> <li>100s Of Daily Props</li> <li>200% Casino Welcome Bonus</li> <li>Live Dealer Casino</li> <li>10% Daily Cash Back on Horses</li> </ul>   <h2>Best New Comer - JazzSports</h2> <p>JazzSports has been around since 1994. While they may not have the same large and loud presence as some of the other top US sportsbooks, that kind of longevity speaks volumes about what they are able to accomplish without all of the fanfare given to some of the other operators.</p> <p>This is just a solid, under-the-radar, trustworthy online sports betting site that has been able to cater to its sports betting clientele with competitive odds, including -110 on just about every spread and total, and a 97% payback on slot machines in the online casino.</p> <p>Based in Costa Rica, JazzSports has cultivated a very respected place of business among those that use their services and is proud to offer wagering on all of the major North American sports betting markets and a lot of the international games and events as well.</p> <p>As far as online sports betting platforms go, the JazzSports experience is at the top of the list, even if they don’t get the same attention as others.</p> <p>** Max bonus on Credit Card deposits of $300, all other methods is up $1000.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of Best New Comer - JazzSports:</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Best New Comer - JazzSports Review</a>  </p>      <p> #8 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>Reduced Juice – Low Vig</li> <li>Same Day Payouts</li> <li>Best Deposit Options</li> <li>Over 1000 Wagering Options Daily</li> <li>Live Dealer Casino</li> <li>Best Selection of Prop Bets & Teasers</li> </ul>   <h2></h2> <p>Out of the wilderness of online sportsbooks that sometimes appear to be a maze of graphics and navigation that is dying to be solved comes, a comprehensive one-stop wagering shop that makes the whole process go down smoothly.</p> <p>BetAnySports is a full-service US sportsbook operation that is generally geared toward U.S.-based sports bettors, making it easy for them to open up an account using major credit cards and other methods. Because of the fact that they are quick and efficient with payouts, among other reasons, they have developed a reputation as one of the most reliable sportsbooks in the industry.</p> <p>No one can argue that BetAnySports does not have a selection of wagering options that rivals that of anything in the world. Everything is covered, and that includes an especially sizable menu when it comes to combat sports (boxing,. MMA) and international soccer. Prop bets are in abundance, as well as futures and, of course, the exotics (parlays, teasers, pleasers, reverses, round robins, if bets and more). They offer reduced juice on all major sports leagues, which can allow the customer to gain more value, and with Live Betting Extra, a relatively new addition, they can wager on sporting events that are already in progress.</p> <p>Creative bonus packages afford the player a hearty welcome, and there are low minimum bets, so that no one gets shut out of the action. Their other products are strong; among them are a live dealer casino, daily lottery and two different poker rooms, which has something all players, whether novice, expert or anything in between.</p> <p>As we alluded to, deposits and withdrawals are an absolute pleasure, and customer service is always on hand (through phone, email and live chat) to take care of any difficulty that might arise. If you are looking for a book with a lot of substance which is user-friendly from top to bottom, BetAnySports could be your first choice!</p> <p>BAS is currently offering a 50% deposit bonus up to $1000 with the bonus code BTB50.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> Review</a> </p>      <p> #9 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>GameTime Rewards Free Cash Back</li> <li>Free Points On Your Favorite Teams</li> <li>50% On All Reloads</li> <li>Double Rewards Game Of The Month</li> <li>15 Cash Rebate Monthly On Horse Bets</li> <li>10% Weekly Online Casino Rebate</li> </ul>   <h2></h2> <p>GTbets is quickly becoming the most popular online sports betting website for Sports, Casino and Horse betting enthusiasts. Their friendly and experienced staff offers a level of service that is revered as one of the best in the industry.</p> <p>The idea of what makes up a great sportsbook for the United States sports bettor is pretty simple. The idea is that you want to make sure to find a sportsbook that you can trust, one that pays out quickly, has great customer service and of course gives you a nice bonus for getting signed up with them. This is exactly what GTBets does. They are a top book that gives a little bit of everything to everyone, but specifically to those recreational bettors in the United States.</p> <p>There are a few different bonuses that new players can take advantage of, the first of which is a 100% match up to $500, and the other is 50% on up to $1000. You will also find that GTBets is going to give you reload bonuses ranging from 5% to 30% depending on your specific player status.</p> <p>Quite possibly one of the best parts of <a href="">GTBets</a> is the fact that they give what’s called a Favorite Team Point Discount. You tell them your two favorite teams in the major sports, and you will get discounts on the spreads! For example, the NFL and NBA will give you a 0.5 point discount on the line, and College Football and College Basketball give you a full point for free when you bet on them!</p> <p>There are simply so many perks and reasons why you should go to GTBets for all of your betting action. Sports Betting types? They have you covered on pretty much every single angle. What about customer service though? Well, they’ve been offering excellent support that will allow each and every representative to help you with any issue that you possibly could have.</p> <p>Also, just to sweeten the deal, GTBets offers one free Bitcoin payout every 30 days. How can you beat that?!</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> Review</a> </p>      <p> #10 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>200% Free Play Bonus</li> <li>100% Cash Bonus</li> <li>Live Dealer Casino</li> <li>Multiple Bonus Options</li> <li>15% Cash Rebate Weekly On Horse Bets</li> <li>Massive 500% Online Casino Bonus</li> </ul>   <h2>BetPhoenix</h2> <p>Founded in 2007, has seamlessly united online sports betting enthusiasts from around the globe. The Costa Rica-based online sportsbook, Racebook, and live casino has the unique ability to cater to players that speak English or Spanish, as well as Chinese or Vietnamese.</p> <p>BetPhoenix is a current leader in the online sports betting & gaming industry. We offer you our Sportsbook, Live Casino, Virtual Casino & Racebook. You can find all the standard bets such as Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, Reverses, If-Bets, Moneylines, Prop Bets, Futures Betting, Buying Points, and Round Robins. Take advantage of the Special offers!</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of BetPhoenix:</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">BetPhoenix Review</a> </p>   <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Visit Website</a></p>  <p> Bonus Code </p> <p><b>BTB</b><br />Deposit Bonus<br /><b>100% Cash Bonus or 200% Free Play</b></p>      <p> #11 </p> <img src="" /><ul><li>$50 Free UFC Bet</li> <li>20 x $50 Parlay Free Bets</li> <li>$1k Monthly Parlay Prince</li> <li>Win Trips To Sporting Events</li> <li>Established 1983 – 37+ yrs</li> <li>Live Sports Betting</li> </ul>   <h2>InterTops</h2> <p>The sportsbook industry has been very competitive over the years and many new sportsbooks have failed in an attempt to compete with some of the best in the business. However, the new ones that have been able to survive have done it by taking care of the customer and this is where Intertops has achieved overwhelming success.</p> <p>Intertops is an Antigua regulated online sports betting site that knew in order to make it big in this business they would have to start with the management team. They recruited only the best to lead this sportsbook into a new era of sports betting. They have decades of experience at the helm leading the way and this is why since Top Bet started in 1997, they have been considered a reputable sportsbook. They promote a “no-frills and no-gimmicks approach to online sports betting” by promoting a no-hassle depositing and payout system and offering up sweet bonuses to the new player.</p> <p>They start by serving up a 50-200 percent bonus up to a maximum of $200 to automatically grant their players a bigger bankroll when getting started. They also offer many promotions during the year that keep the player entertained and awarded for playing at Intertops. This includes such promotions as free bets for missed player cuts, odds hunter bonus, 20c $50 parlay free bets.</p>  <p> <b>Read an in-depth review of InterTops:</b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">InterTops Review</a> </p>       <br /><h2>What Does It Take To Make The Best Online Sportsbook List?</h2> <p>The key to having a great online sportsbook and sports betting site is having a platform that has great user experience, pays on time, is 100 percent safe, and has a great reputation. Plus, considering that there are many online sportsbooks out there today, there must be something unique about your sports betting site that sets it apart from the others.</p> <p>There are different methods used to build online sportsbooks and various means or strategies used to enable them to achieve success. However, here are the top ingredients making up the recipe for a great online sportsbook.</p> <h3>1. Broad coverage</h3> <p>A great online sports betting site must have a broad coverage of the major sports betting events happening in the world top markets. It should cover different sports, especially the main ones such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, rugby, tennis, college basketball, and cricket. It should also spread its wings and cover different regions and continents for a wider market base.</p> <p>The sportsbook should also provide as many sports betting options as possible. In-play sports betting options are also a great addition that has been adopted by all best online sportsbooks.</p> <h3>2. Financial stability and the speed of payouts</h3> <p>The <em>best</em><em> onlin</em><em>e</em><em> sportsbooks</em> have to be financially sound to be able to support its operations and deliver payouts to betters fast. Top online sports betting sites are often rated according to their payout track records. The fewer or no outstanding payout complaints a sports betting site has, as well as the faster it is at delivering payouts to sports bettors, the higher it is among the standings of top online sportsbooks.</p> <h3>3. Great reputation</h3> <p>Reputation definitely goes without saying. The best online sports betting site should have good reviews from both its past and current users. An online sportsbook with a good reputation means that its users were satisfied with its services; be it the gaming options offered, customer services, speed of payouts, or just general usability.</p> <h3>4. Bonus programs</h3> <p>No sports bettor in the sports betting industry dislikes free money. Top online sportsbooks offers its players a variety of bonuses and promotions to give them the incentive to keep playing or refer other players to their site. Bonuses go a long way in improving player retention rate as well as helping convert more prospects into to potential customers. Some of the most common bonuses offered by the best sportsbooks include; sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, free bets and no-deposit bonuses.</p> <h3>5. Great user design</h3> <p>The best sportsbooks must have a great looking sports betting site that easily attracts sports bettors of different ages and backgrounds. It should be appealing to a large audience and offer something unique that prompts a player to want to try it.</p> <p>It should also be important to note that for you to make a top sportsbook, the target region matters a lot. For example, European online sportsbooks are known to be simple in design and try to look as clean as possible while those in the Asian continent strive to be more flamboyant and colorful in design.</p> <h3>6. Variety of deposit and payout methods</h3> <p>Top online sportsbooks should provide various means of money deposits and money withdrawals. Different players handle their cash differently and therefore offering them various deposit and withdrawal options such as credit cards, vouchers, online money platforms and even mobile money will go a long way in ensuring a player’s convenience.</p> <h3>7. Having a mobile sports betting platform</h3> <p>With the use of mobile devices ever on the rise, more players want online sportsbooks that can allow them to place bets on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. A great online sportsbook must offer this platform to its users. Remember, mobile platforms have to be well customized to ensure easy usability and treat users to a world-class sports betting experience even when they are on-the-go.</p> <h3>8. Great customer service</h3> <p>Customer service works the same across the board. Good customer service boosts customer retention while bad customer service drives customers away from your business. The best online sportsbooks ensures its players are well attended to by offering them fast responses to queries and problems. They may either do this by offering live chat platforms, phone support, email support, and more.</p> <p>There are definitely more aspects that determine the <em>best online sportsbook</em>, but these are surely the major ones.</p> <h2>Where Can I Bet Sports Online?</h2> <p>A lot of people ask “where can I bet on sports online”? It has been possible for sports fans in the USA to bet on sporting events for more than a decade. Betting sites have evolved to provide many kinds of bets, an ever-expanding list of sports, and attractive promotions and specials. Check out our special Bang The Book promos.</p> <p>Although many bets on many sports are routinely available, there are four big sports that dominate the online sports betting scene. These are baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. And, because of the high volume of bets on the dominate sports in the USA, lines are very competitive for these four. Shop around a little and you will routinely find fantastic values. Check out our <a href="">sportsbook review</a> section to save yourself time trying to find the right sportsbook for you.</p> <p>If you like to bet on horse racing, you will find that most online sports betting sites have separate sections for the horses. You will find detailed information on events like the Kentucky Derby as well as coverage of the tracks in detail. Pay attention to the promotions offered in the horse racing section as they are commonly different from what is offered for betting on other sports.</p> <p>If you are more interested in international and niche sports, today’s US sports betting sites have a lot to offer as well. You can find sections with lines dedicated to international sports, boxing, tennis, soccer, golf, and motor racing.</p> <p>When looking for an online sports betting site to place your bets, remember that as the number of sites increases, so does the competition for business. Online USA betting sites typically have welcome packages including things like free bets and deposit bonuses. Compare the promotions from one site to another to see what various USA betting sites offer their regular customers. The superior sites not only offer sweet deals for new customers, they reward their loyal customers as well.</p> <h2>MAKING SURE THAT A US SPORTS BETTING SITE IS LEGITIMATE</h2> <p>There are lots of online sports betting sites. Some have been around for a long time, are trustworthy, and safe to use. But, when you are betting your hard earned money, you have a right to choose. It need not be a chore to find out if your money is being deposited with an online site you can trust.</p> <p>First of all, check out their license and jurisdiction. There are reputable USA sports betting sites licensed in the Netherlands Antilles, Kahnawake territory, and Antigua. If you cannot find a license or where that license comes from, that should be a reason to avoid the betting site.</p> <p>Second, when someone runs a reputable business, they prosper and stay in business. Look for US online sports betting sites that have been in operation for seven years or longer. You will be dealing with folks who have developed a good reputation and are keeping their clients. This tells you they are doing something right!</p> <p>And, make sure that the online site both has a policy for responsible gambling as well as several means of contacting their customer service people.</p> <h2>DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY AT US SPORTS BETTING SITES</h2> <p>After you have chosen a USA online sports betting site, you will need to deposit money in order to place your bets. Due to recent banking restrictions, this has become more difficult than it used to be. But, with a little know-how, you can do it.</p> <p>Your first and easiest choice is to use a credit card or bank card. The majority of offshore sports betting sites will take MasterCard or Visa. If that is a problem then go with a pre-paid card. Simply visit your local grocery or convenience store to purchase the card. But, talk to the folks at your betting site to find out if certain cards are preferred.</p> <p>An alternative to paying with a card is to use Western Union. Find out the routing information for your betting site of choice, take cash to Western Union, and send.</p> <p>The best way to deposit to a betting site is Bitcoin! Here are the <a href="">Best Bitcoin Betting Sites</a>.</p> <p>When you win and are ready to collect, online sports betting sites typically pay with a check which they will mail to you. There should be no problem cashing these checks at your bank. Alternatively, some betting sites will use money transfer services.</p> <p>There are many excellent online sports betting sites where you can bet on a wide variety of sporting events. Check them out and begin today.</p> <p> </p> <p> 

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