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                                                             <img width="480" height="480" src=" 480w, 150w, 300w, 220w, 60w" alt="BetDSI Sportsbook logo" /><img width="480" height="480" src="//" data-src="" alt="BetDSI Sportsbook logo" /><p>As a long-time offshore sports bettor, this is an article I did not think I would ever be writing. BetDSI has never been the subject of complaints from players and to my knowledge never has slow-paid or no-paid a player in their history. That, has apparently, changed.</p> <h2>BetDSI’s Separation From Bookmaker</h2> <p>BetDSI has always had slightly different promotions and odds from, but until 7/9/17 they were also financially backing the sportsbook and had more control over payouts, management, etc. Since the split from (<a href="">Full Review</a>), there have been several complaints about BetDSI.</p> <p>However, it’s important not to lump in to BetDSI’s complaints and payout issues. The operators are now separate entities. is still an elite option for Americans and bettors worldwide. They have no problems with complaints and have the highest betting limits out any offshore sportsbook.</p> <h2>SBR Ratings Downgrade</h2> <img src="" alt="BetDSI sportsbook" width="197" height="93" /><img src="//" data-src="" alt="BetDSI sportsbook" width="197" height="93" />BetDSI has long had an A rating at An A rating at SBR is tough to get; no newer sportsbook comes close to receiving this high of a mark. To obtain an A from SBR, it likely takes a decade or more in the business and little or no complaints from players. <p>BetDSI was downgraded to a B rating on November 27th and that <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">rating was lowered again recently to C</a> on December 4th, 2017. We wouldn’t be surprised that it may go lower than C very soon.</p> <h2>BetDSI Freezes Nearly $24,000</h2> <p>The rating downgrades center around reports of BetDSI freezing the funds of a player who had playing at the sportsbook, exclusively, for more than two years. His bets include straight wagers and props on both large and small market sports. He initially requested a withdrawal a $5,000 BTC withdrawal (the max amount) on August 4, 2017.</p> <img src="" alt="money" width="161" height="115" /><img src="//" data-src="" alt="money" width="161" height="115" />BetDSI has stated to SBR that they are not aware of the player’s identity and have not gone through their KYC protocol, including identity verification. It’s quite the claim, considering they have processed deposits and payouts from his account over a dozen times until they decided to freeze the account after the player’s recent payout attempts. <p> <h3>Confirmed By SBS Staff</h3> </p> <p>We at have been in contact with the player who has had his funds frozen. We believe he has not broken any rules with his wagering at BetDSI and that he is who he says he is. BetDSI has continually ignored phone calls and emails from the player and blew off a scheduled Skype video chat where he, once and for all, tried to prove his identity.</p> <p>It is of our opinion that the player did not break any wagering rules, was the only person with access to his account, and his identity is verifiable. The player has been communicating with BetDSI for 4.5 months trying to get this resolved. His balance being held hostage at this point (with no evidence of wrongdoing) amounts to theft and nonpayment of winnings in our eyes.</p> <p> <h3>More Issues At BetDSI Sportsbook</h3> </p> <p>Other complaints have been seen from players, including from <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">a player at Forum</a> that stated BetDSI was not honoring a refund of cashier fees. Others have complained that BetDSI has changed or altered bonus rollover rates.</p> <h2>SBS BetDSI Ratings Downgrade</h2> <p>We have downgraded <a href="">BetDSI to a 3.0 out of 5.0</a> in our review and may drop them further depending on how this situation plays out. We would avoid them until further notice. If you are having issues with BetDSI, <a href="">please contact us</a> as soon as possible.</p>                                       <a href="">                         <img src="" alt="Joseph Falchetti" /><img src="//" data-src="" alt="Joseph Falchetti" /></a>                                                      <h3>Joseph Falchetti - Editor-in-Chief / Sports Writer & Analyst</h3>                 <p>Joe is the author of the blog, most picks, and the majority of excellent content on SafestBettingSites. He's been mentioned on as a gaming analyst and his articles have been linked by larger publications, such as the New York Times.</p>                                                                                                                                   <p>             Join 1,000+ Sports Bettors              Who receive our experts' newsletter             And never miss a winning sports pick!           </p>                                       Emailed weekly, unsubscribe with a single click.

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