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BetRivers App is a good sportsbook for bettors who consistently: 

  • Wager on favorites 
  • Wager similar amounts of money each month 

Its competitive rewards program shouldn’t be missed by high rollers. BetRivers is available at Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady. However, the sportsbook and casino app is also available in nearby New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In NJ, BetRivers operates under the SugarHouse brand. 

How To Bet At BetRivers Sportsbook In New York 

The only way to legally use Rivers Sportsbook in New York is by visiting its retail location at Rivers Casino and Resort. But if Schenectady is too far a drive, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are good options for sports bettors who want to wager online. Bettors can use River Sportsbook’s app by visiting BetRivers in Pennsylvania and SugarHouse in New Jersey. Downloading the app and creating an account in New York is fine. However, bettors must be in states with legal online sports betting to place wagers. 

The push for legal online sports betting in New York is revitalized. Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr. introduced a few sports betting bills. But he finally got support from the Governor at the beginning of January 2021. However, there’s an ongoing argument about whether online sports betting violates the state constitution. Online sports betting won’t go anywhere until that issue is decisively resolved. 

BetRivers Sportsbook Promo Code 2021

Rivers Sportsbook Promo Code Click here to claim up to $250 bonus (outside of NY)
Location of Retail Sportsbook In New York Rivers Casino and Resort
What States Allow Rivers Sportsbook* NJ, PA, CO, IL, MI, IN, IA, VA
Deposit/Match Bonus 100% Match up to $250
Free Bet Offer Deposit $50 with code BET100 and get $100 in free bets
Promo Code Verified For June 2021

Retail locations include Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. 

How To Register For A BetRivers Sportsbook Account 

Bettors can register for a Rivers Sportsbook account in person. However, New Yorkers can also download BetRivers and create an account on their phones. Bettors just have to get through three steps of login creation. It’s basic “enter your email, create your password, submit your social security number” type questions. Bettors have deposit options that range from bank transfers, credit card submissions, and cash deposits. If bettors have a promo code, they’ll enter it at this step, too. 

However, bettors can only place wagers on the BetRivers app in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. New York bettors can drive to New Jersey or take the train across the border to place a mobile bet at BetRivers in New Jersey. BetRivers operates in New Jersey under the SugarHouse brand.  

BetRivers: Bonus And Promotional Grade (3.5/5)

There’s nothing wrong with a deposit match bonus. However, $250 isn’t going to cut it against some of the other sportsbook brands. FanDuel and DraftKings both offer $1,000 welcome bonuses. FanDuel’s is a risk-free bet and DraftKings’ is a deposit bonus.

However, BetRivers has one advantage over DraftKings. DraftKings matches at a 20% rate, which awards $1 for every $5 bettors deposit. But BetRivers matches at a 100% rate, matching bettors dollar for dollar up to $250. That high match rate makes it easier for low-income bettors to squeeze more site credits out of BetRiver’s bonus. 

Bettors can also find ongoing promotions. BetRivers had a promo code for a $500 risk-free bet just for new bettors and just for the Super Bowl. It also offered a 25% profit boost at half-time. However, BetRivers has general promotions, too. BetRivers offered a deal on parlay bets that awarded a free bet for every five parlay bets. It’s a nice reward for taking on some of the riskiest wagers BetRivers offers. Bettors should keep an eye on these smaller promotions so they don’t let good deals slip through their fingers. 

BetRivers: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.5/5)

BetRivers almost always has the same odds as DraftKings. Sometimes it’ll undercut DraftKings by a point or two. But they’re usually identical, like the early Super Bowl odds: 

  Chiefs Buccaneers
BetRivers -157 +138
DraftKings -157 +138
FanDuel -160 +138
Caesars Sports -155 +135

It’s unusual for BetRivers or DraftKings to have the best underdog odds, but it happens sometimes. Remember, these are trends, not rules. 

But futures odds paint a clearer picture of BetRiver’s long-term trends. Here’s a slice of World Series futures: 

  BetRivers DraftKings FanDuel
Braves +1,000 +1,000 +1,000
Athletics +1,800 +1,800 +2,200
Rays +2,000 +2,000 +2,500
Cardinals +2,000 +2,000 +2,400
Twins +2,000 +2,000 +1,800

BetRivers: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5)

There’s broad consensus on the teams with the lowest futures odds. But New York’s sportsbooks diverge from the consensus on teams with longer futures odds. FanDuel has better futures odds than most of the futures DraftKings and BetRivers offer. In a market this small, the big brands are competing with each other and icing the small brands out. That may change when mobile sports betting allows more entrants, but for now, New York’s sports betting market has three main players. 

BetRivers has a good selection of sports. There’s a decent selection of leagues within each sport too. Bettors who enjoy popular American sports like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey will find the major leagues represented. Soccer is there, too, with Major League Soccer and the most popular international leagues represented. BetRivers even offers less popular American sports like table tennis and snooker. Bettors will find prominent esports leagues as well. It’s about the same as FanDuel’s sport selection. 

But DraftKings remains the king of sport selection, in both breadth and depth. But BetRivers isn’t far off. Both sportsbooks offer Euroleague basketball, two darts leagues, and volleyball lines. But DraftKings’ volleyball lines edge out BetRivers’. BetRivers’ odds may be identical to DraftKings, but DraftKings remains the market leader in market breadth and depth. 

However, the incoming mobile sports betting expansion may shake the market up. New sportsbook brands could enter from out of state with larger sport selections. Company size will matter less, too. Scrappy small sportsbooks have more chances to compete and not get steamrolled by the three big brands. (And no, Caesar’s Sportsbooks multiple outlets don’t make up for their limited sport selections.) 

BetRivers: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

A big sportsbook brand should make moving money between the sportsbook and bank accounts easy. 

And BetRivers delivers. With eight deposit options and four withdrawal options, BetRivers has a competitive money-moving infrastructure in place. Here are all its deposit options: 

  • Cash Deposit (Vanilla) 
  • Cash Deposit (PayNearMe)
  • Online Banking 
  • VIP Preferred ACH 
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal 
  • BetRivers Play+
  • Wire Transfer

While virtually every sportsbook offers a cash deposit option, few offer more than that. The Vanilla option is unique, which makes BetRiver’s deposit options stand out. The other options are standard deposit options that are welcome to see in aggregate on a sportsbook site. 

Withdrawal options are similarly generous: 

  • Online Banking 
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • PayPal 
  • BetRivers Play+

This is another standard list of withdrawal options. However, it’s unusual to see all four together. Most sportsbooks offer two or three withdrawal options. Seeing four is a testament to how easily BetRivers wants its bettors to be able to withdraw winnings. 

However, withdrawals can take a few days while deposits are processed instantly. Sportsbooks have to make sure they don’t award money to criminals or banned bettors. Violating that rule can result in hefty fines and endanger a sportsbook’s license. 

BetRivers: Mobile App Grade (3.5/5)

BetRivers has an iOS and Android app, which takes advantage of almost all of the smartphone market. Its home page offers live in-game betting, so bettors can open the app to see what’s available right away. Bettors will also find game lines, futures, and props sorted by sport and league with filters at the top of the screen. It offers everything from basic to sophisticated wagers. 

However, it’s an awkward app to fumble through. The featured sports at the top of the screen include leagues and sports, adding one layer of confusion to app navigation. The top sliding filter of sports gives the impression that BetRivers only offers a dozen or so sports. However, the rest of the leagues and sports BetRivers offers are hidden. If bettors search for a league or sport, there’s a good chance they’ll find what they’re looking for. But it’s buried in the app instead of listed in plain sight. 

BetRivers’ app also has a lag problem. Clicking on the search option doesn’t seem to do anything at first. It takes a while for the search bar to appear. The same goes for navigating the app’s pages. 

BetRivers is the app, but New Yorkers may recognize the retail version, Rivers Sportsbooks. Rivers Sportsbook has one of the largest selections of TVs in New York. (Although, the sportsbook itself is not quite the largest.) Bettors will find over 20 TVs and five private viewing booths. The kiosks are available 24/7 and its sportsbook counter is open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. It’s one of the longest sets of opening hours on the market. 

But it’s over two and a half hours from Manhattan. It’s a great option for upstate bettors, but not so great for New York City dwellers. 

BetRivers: Overall Grade (4.2/5)

BetRivers’ bonus has potential in New York. It’s match rate is high, but not high enough to make up for the dollar amount. Its odds tend to favor the favorite to win, which may explain why its odds become less competitive on long-shot futures bets. Its sport selection is good and its deposit and cashout options are great. However, its mobile app doesn’t perform at the level its competitors do. The retail location is better, but out of reach for many New Yorkers. Overall, BetRivers is a strong competitor with a few functional areas where it needs improvement. 

For bettors who want a break from sports betting, BetRivers also has online casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In those states, BetRivers’ online casino is called PlaySugarHouse. It’s available at and on the app store, under an app called PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook. Its partnership with the Golden Nugget Casino gave it market access to New Jersey. PlaySugarHouse’s partnership with Rush Street Interactive got it into Pennsylvania. PlaySugarHouse has been well-received by its users, with large market growth as of January 2020

But what sets it apart from other apps is its rewards program. Whether bettors are using the sportsbook or the casino, they will earn points toward rewards. Bettors can earn modest rewards like special offers, special VIP promotional calendars, and even VIP birthday gifts. However, these higher reward levels require consistent betting in similar amounts each month. For bettors who use the online casino consistently, PlaySugarHouse may help them get additional value out of the app. 

There are many casino games to choose from too. Slots games alone scroll on for pages. Bonuses include a daily ‘King Cash’ spin that awards prizes for picking the right number from 1-75. Casino gamblers will find much value in this online casino. 

Is BetRivers Legit? 

Yes. It’s a legitimate company with robust oversight. Here are five reasons BetRivers is trustworthy. 

  1. State Licenses: Online sportsbooks and online casinos must be licensed by the states they hope to do business in. 
  2. Oversight: The state licenses make a Gaming Commission of some kind in charge of online sportsbooks and online casinos.
  3. Fines and Suspensions: Gaming Commissions can fine sportsbooks that behave badly. Gaming Commissions can also suspend or revoke licenses for severe sports betting law violations. 
  4. Background Check Requirements: Sportsbook executives, shareholders, and partners must undergo background checks to ensure criminals don’t run sportsbooks. 
  5. Security Requirements: Sportsbook apps often have to be audited before launching to make sure the systems are safe from hackers. 

However, New Yorkers still can’t use online sportsbooks without traveling to New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Although New York’s elected officials are beginning to agree on online sportsbook legalization, obstacles remain. The largest hurdle to clear will be convincing the other side’s lawyers that online sports betting violates the state constitution. Retail sports betting was allowed by an amendment to the New York constitution in 2013. However, lawyers quibble about whether online sports betting can be allowed under that same law. The outcome of that argument will determine when New York can legalize online sports betting. 

Why Choose BetRivers Over Illegal Betting Sites?

BetRivers has more security than illegal sportsbooks. New York’s sportsbook industry sets security standards that protect sensitive bettor information. Other states do the same, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If bettors are especially curious, they can google the rules and regulations for themselves to see how their governments organizations protected them. Illegal sportsbooks don’t have this level of security and often lack that level of transparency, too. They may have terms and conditions, but there may not be any organization that can shut them down if they’re a flagrantly bad actor. 

If you had to guess which part of a sportsbook company is the core of the sportsbook, what would you guess? Would it be the server that processes the bets? Maybe the staff that works the machinery. It could be the oddsmakers who set the odds. The answer to this question is murky, so illegal sportsbooks do something clever. Illegal sportsbooks can spread the pieces of their businesses out across different countries to avoid prosecution. That way, if they refuse to pay winnings or fund sex trafficking, they can’t be held accountable. 

Even worse, they can be up and running again in a matter of weeks or months. 

American sportsbooks don’t have these issues. Sportsbook is a heavily regulated industry, whether bettors wager in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. 

Why Can You Trust BetRivers With Your Money? 

BetRivers has several security measures in place that protect bettor money. Namely, end-to-end encryption. Encryption is just disguising sensitive data by turning it into nonsense until the intended recipient can decode it. However, there’s a common workaround. A hacker can watch someone’s screen as they’re typing sensitive information in. That lets them steal the information before it’s sent, defeating the purpose of encryption. 

However, BetRivers uses end-to-end encryption. That means that as soon as bettors start typing their information, it’s encrypted. It defeats the hacker’s easy workaround and ensures the only people with access to bettor information are BetRivers professionals. 

BetRivers will also have to test its server security before launching. That’s the case in every other sports betting state, and the odds of New York deviating from that pattern are nil. (New state sports betting bills often look eerily similar to bills that have already done the hard work of legalizing sports betting first.) The process involves an independent auditor testing the system’s security and providing feedback to both the sportsbook and the Gaming Commission. Sportsbooks must act on the auditor’s recommendations before launching, ensuring bettors have safe sports betting options at their fingertips. 

BetRivers FAQ 

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