Bovada Sportsbook Review | Legal Info For Bovada Sportsbook

Depositing into any sportsbook is something that should never be difficult to do and that is exactly the level of service that Bovada provides. By allowing for some of the easiest and quickest deposits available, users never miss the games they want to bet. This is key because lines always change and sometimes a half-point, one way or the other, can be the difference between putting a few more hundred down…

With any of the deposit methods offered by Bovada, you can be assured that the proper steps have been taken in order to ensure security. Here are the ways to deposit into Bovada Sportsbook:

VISA/Mastercard/American Express – Most cards branded with the VISA logo have the chance of working, however they are not guaranteed. Bovada does have a high success rate with credit and debit card payments, but that rate can vary depending on which payment processor is in use. While quick and free for your first deposit, Bovada does charge fees for subsequent deposits.

Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash – You can now make bitcoin sportsbook deposits at Bovada, as well as bitcoin cash. All you have to do is visit the online cashier, enter the amount of your deposit, and copy the BTC wallet address provided by the sportsbook. Send the money from your bitcoin wallet and your deposit will be processed almost instantly.

Rapid / Money Transfer – When plastic fails, users will need to turn to wire transfer methods like “Rapid Transfer” and “Money Transfer”. We put these in quotes because they are actually Western Union and Moneygram respectively… Bovada just doesn’t market them by name. Both have advantages and both carry fees, but above all, these methods work!

Making Your First Deposit At Bovada – Keys Things To Know

Making your first deposit at Bovada might seem a little complicated but it’s really not. The key things to know about Bovada is that there are two main deposit types. You can choose to deposit with a credit card, or you can choose to use bitcoin. Both are eligible for the welcome bonus, but bitcoin doubles the offer. When deciding on a deposit method, you should consider their deposit limits. Bitcoin allows you to deposit up to $5,000 in a single transaction. The credit cards accepted by bitcoin have lower limits, up to $1,500. Bovada accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you decide to use a credit card to deposit, you should be aware that there are fees assessed on top of your deposit. For Visa, there is a 5.9% fee and for American Express there is a 9.9% fee. There may also be an international service fee associated with credit card deposits, but this is not charged by the sportsbook. It is charged by your bank.

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