California Sports Betting – When Will Sports Betting Be Legal In CA

Top Sportsbooks Likely To Come To California

While California doesn’t yet have any legal sports wagering to speak of, that hasn’t stopped many prospective operators from eyeing the Golden State and its potentially huge sports wagering industry.

As one of the most populous states in the country, California is ripe for gambling expansions. Additionally, many sports wagering enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to enjoy legal sports betting as they currently have to travel across the border to nearby states like Nevada to put money down on their favorite sporting events.

This has created the perfect storm for a speculative sports wagering market. Big operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel, both of which already have a presence in the Golden State due to offering daily fantasy sports, are ready to jump at the chance to apply for state licensure.

However, it’s also likely, given the tribal coalition’s resistance to un-partnered retail or online sports wagering, that any operators who provide sports wagering in California will need to partner with a retail casino to get a license. This won’t stop many big operators, who likely have the funds to handle any licensing fees or splitting of the profits with tribes.

Kindred Group formed a market access partnership with the Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation, making it almost certain that the company will launch its Unibet sportsbook in California once the state legalizes.

It’s too early to tell which casino operators will be most likely to receive a license ahead of their competitors. But we expect the following operators to pursue licensure at the earliest opportunity regardless:

In states that already have legal sports wagering industries, there are two ways in which they have organized account registration: online-only or in-person required.

Some states, such as Nevada, require individuals to register with a partnered casino or at a retail sportsbook when downloading a mobile sportsbook app. Other states, like New Jersey, allow sports wagerers to complete the registration process entirely online.

Given that any future sportsbooks in California will probably have retail partners at Native American casinos, the state legislature could go either way regarding these restrictions. In any event, the process to place a wager at a California sportsbook will likely look something like this:

Download a Sportsbook

First, you’ll need to download the sportsbook of your choice from any operators that receive licenses in California. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll be able to download almost any sportsbook without delay; just type in the name of your sports wagering platform into the App Store search bar, download the app, and installation will begin automatically.

If you have an Android device, be aware that the Google Play Store only allows some mobile sportsbooks to be downloaded at this time. By the time California legalizes sports wagering, it may allow all legitimate operators’ books to be downloaded without an issue, in which case you’ll just need to search for the app of your choice and download it to your phone just like iPhone users do.

If you have to download a mobile sportsbook off the Google Play Store, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Visit the desktop website of your sportsbook of choice.
  • Find a “download for Android” page.
  • Download and install the sportsbook from there.

Complete Registration

Downloading a mobile sportsbook is just the start. After installing the sportsbook to your device – it will install geolocation software as well – you can create an account with that sportsbook operator by providing your Social Security number, date of birth, and other key personal information so it can verify your identity and that you are 21 years of age or older.

If California’s future sports wagering legislation requires in-person registration, you’ll also need to drive to the casino with which your sportsbook is partnered and have them verify your identity before registration finishes. With luck, California legislators will require this, and you’ll be able to complete the registration process entirely from the comfort of your own couch.

Fund Your Account

After making your account, you’ll need to provide it with funding so you can place a wager. Top sportsbooks provide a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, like transfers from credit or debit cards or direct transfers from a linked bank account. Be sure to check out which deposit methods a sportsbook offers before downloading it so you pick up the platform that’s best suited for your needs and funding style.

Don’t forget to look into opening bonuses. Many top sportsbooks provide attractive opening bonuses for new account holders. The opening bonuses might give you site credit, free bets, or something else entirely. The opening bonuses available can help you pick between two different sports betting platforms.

However, most apps require you to input a code, make a particular wager, or deposit a certain amount of money to qualify. With this in mind, choose your sportsbook carefully, and don’t forget to pick up any opening bonuses you might qualify for before they expire.

Place a Bet

If you make it this far, you’ll be able to place a bet in no time. Once you fund your account and take advantage of any opening bonuses that may apply, you’ll be able to browse betting lines and put money down on upcoming sporting events with a touch of a few buttons.

California Legal Sportsbooks

The road to legal sports wagering in California is still long and it’ll likely be several months at minimum before sports wagering is legalized, even in the best-case scenario. However, you should still never use an illegal or offshore betting site, even if it may be tempting since there aren’t any legal alternatives in the Golden State right now.

In a nutshell, illegal betting sites are bad news for three key reasons:

  • They don’t provide great betting experiences. Rather than using league odds or professional line-making algorithms, offshore betting sites produce bunk betting odds that don’t provide good wagering action for anyone. Your sports wagering experience will be subpar–guaranteed.
  • They have subpar digital security, as well. This is bad because it leaves your account funds and your personal information up for grabs by cybercriminals. No one wants to deal with identity theft, but it’s much more likely if you give your information to an offshore betting site.
  • They aren’t regulated by any authoritative body. In theory, if they wanted to swindle you and take your account funds, there would be nothing you could do about it.

You’ll indeed need to pay taxes on any winnings you receive from licensed and legitimate sportsbook platforms. But this itself is a form of security; it’s another data point that regulatory organizations can use to make sure that operators don’t steal your winnings or operate unfairly.

All in all, the truth is clear: you should still wait for legal sports wagering to come to California, even if it will be some time yet.

California Sports Betting Revenue

At this point, it’s difficult to say with any certainty the kind of revenue that the California state government could enjoy were it to legalize sports wagering ASAP. But we can make a few predictions based on other data points.

California has a population of nearly 40 million people. It’s the most populous state in the US, surpassing Texas and Florida at 29 and 21.5 million people, respectively. While it is unlikely that everyone in California will participate in sports wagering if it’s ever legalized, a good proportion of its population certainly will.

Then we can look at nearby states like Nevada which already have legal sports betting industries. Recent data from March 2021 shows that Nevada received over $39 million in sports wagering revenue alone. In November 2020, Nevada took home nearly $62 million in sports betting revenue.

These numbers may be a drop in the bucket compared to the long-term earnings that California’s sports wagering industry might bring in once everything is up and running. There’s no doubt that California legislators are keenly aware of these potential earnings, especially since the state government has infamously mismanaged its budget and is in dire need of new income sources.

The potential for sports betting revenue will hopefully accelerate the legalization process.

How California Compares To Other States

California has often touted itself as a progressive paragon of a state, but it’s not exactly the pinnacle of freedom when it comes to online gambling.

For example, nearby Nevada is well known as a retail and online gambling hub. The state government brings in tons of state revenue through taxes from gambling activities every year, particularly through Las Vegas–arguably the world capital of licensed gambling freedom.

Oregon is also a relatively relaxed state in terms of gambling restrictions. You can enjoy online casino games and sports wagering in Oregon. Washington, just north of Oregon, also ranks higher than California. Only Arizona is like California in that its sports wagering industry isn’t up and running. 

That will change soon. It’s clear that California will need to adapt to changing public sentiment across the country if it wants to maintain its reputation as one of the best states in the US.

California Betting Successes and Failures

Although California doesn’t allow any online gambling options, it does have some other areas of success worth noting.

California Sports Betting Successes So Far

Online gambling is still a bust in the Golden State. Gaming enthusiasts are limited to online sweepstakes casino and poker sites. However, the state is a lot more reasonable in other ways, offering card rooms for poker players, tribal casinos for retail casino enthusiasts, a state lottery, and a variety of racetracks where horseracing enthusiasts can place bets all year round.

Additionally, California does allow for online pari-mutuel horse race wagering, provided that it is through licensed operators like TVG. In other words, you can enjoy most traditional gambling activities in California in person at licensed and regulated locations with the sole exception of retail sports betting.

How Could California Do Better

Naturally, California can do a lot better in the online gaming sphere starting with the legalization of online sports betting. Many would also like to see California legalize online casino games and online poker, although it’s unlikely that any significant progress will be made on these fronts in the near future given the historical resistance from the coalition of tribal casinos throughout the state.

If sports betting is a success, other online gaming legalizations will be more likely to follow.

Legalization Effort In California

Sports wagering legalization has been attempted in the Golden State before. In 2020, the state legislature put together a provisional compact between the state government and the tribal casinos that dominate retail casino gaming in the area.

The prospective bill, if it had been approved by voter referendum in the 2020 election, would have allowed for both retail and online sports wagering through approved operators and potential partnerships with tribal casinos.

However, this proposal was shot down by a coalition of 69 tribal casinos, that replaced it with their own version. By late 2020, the tribal coalition attempted to get their new referendum on the November 2020 ballot which would in theory allow for a 2021 launch of both tribal-owned sportsbook locations.

COVID-19 delayed things enough that the referendum was unfortunately not on the November 2020 ballot. As a result, and per California law, the next available date for the tribal referendum to appear is November 2022 which is when the next ballot will appear for statewide elections.

Time will tell whether the ongoing attempt to remove Gov. Newsom results in a recall election and an earlier than expected ballot or if sports wagering enthusiasts indeed have to wait until November 2022 for further word of legalization.

Timeline Of California Sports Betting

  • March 2020 – The state government and tribal coalitions compete to get sports wagering bills completed to be placed on the November 2020 ballot as a referendum. The tribal referendum wins out due to intense pressure from California’s tribal casino organizations.
  • Nov 2020 – The year’s ballot is produced without the sports betting referendum due to delays from the pandemic.
  • April 2021 – California tribes collect signatures in an attempt to get the referendum on the upcoming November 2022 ballot.

California Teams

If California ever does legalize sports wagering, residents will be able to place wagers on a variety of in-state teams and home franchises.

California Professional Sports Teams

There are 19 professional sports teams located in the Golden State shared by the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS leagues. These include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, Anaheim Ducks, and more.

In fact, it’s surprising that California hasn’t legalized sports wagering given the massive sports fan clubs scattered throughout the state.

California College Sports Teams

Whether you’ll be able to place wagers on college teams is a little more up in the air. Some states, like New Jersey, don’t allow sports bettors to wager on in-state collegiate games or teams.

We will have to wait to see how sports betting legislation shapes up in detail before we can predict whether you’ll be able to place bets on college teams at all, or if you’ll be limited to placing collegiate wagers on out-of-state teams and events.

Other Sports To Bet On In California

Alongside professional and classic American sports like football and baseball, any legal sportsbooks to launch will also allow you to place wagers on a variety of sporting activities including NASCAR races, MMA fights, and international sports like cricket or rugby.

Note that it’s still unclear whether eSports wagers will be allowed although the increased professionalism of this activity means that big operators may indeed offer it in the future.

California Sports Betting FAQs


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