In Honor Of The Barstool Sportsbook Launching In Illinois, Here Is An Appreciation Post For Chicago’s Favorite Daughter: Jenny From “The League”

I’m not sure if you have heard through the zillions of Barstool social media accounts or the headline of this blog, but the Barstool Sportsbook is launching today in Illinois, which is kiiiiiiind of a big deal for Barstool, the great people at Penn, and anybody that enjoys the content that comes out of these crazy cluttered four walls.


So in honor of such a momentous day, I felt we should pay homage to a Chicago legend as great as the Barstool Sportsbook app, Jenny MacArthur AKA Jenny from “The League”. Jenny MacArthur is the perfect human. Not the perfect woman but the perfect human. Smart, caring, beautiful, and a fantasy football ace that has drafted championship teams as a secret co-manager of other teams as well as the head honcho of her own team that takes the term “Fantasy football” quite literally during her private moments.

Not only is Jenny all the adjectives above but she is also the perfect loving wife to that square Kevin as well as a wonderful mom to Ellie and Chalupa Batman. Yes, Ellie has gotten in trouble at school for having a potty mouth that she got from her mother and Chalupa Batman is named after a Taco Bell food and a superhero. But as a father I can assure you that dropping the occasional curse or 200 around your kids is not that hard considering all the shit they put you through and the name Chalupa Batman is essentially a royal name considering the Chalupa is the best food Taco Bell sells out of all of its delightful offerings and Batman is the one superhero that has been able to escape DC’s incompetence to actually make good movies on the big screen this century. She also stole Kristen Cavallari’s breast milk to help pass a breast milk sobriety test and has such confidence in her lady parts that she inspired the term, song, and music video Vaginal Hubris.

Oh yeah and she was the woman that Michael fell head over heels in love with during the blood drive in The Office.

TL;DR – Jenny from The League is the GOAT, the fantasy queen, or whatever you called LaDanian Tomlinson back when he was putting up nothing but triple digit rushing yard performances along with a smattering of touchdowns every game. 

We will now end the blog with these random gifs I have of Jenny from my Fantasy Football Good Juju blogs.


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