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Our Expert

Spread Picks

1214 – 1208 – 3 (50%)

Over/Under Picks

1157 – 1268 – 0 (48%)

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Current Odds

Expert Picks

team slogo DAYTON +5.5


team slogo COLO -6.0


team slogo NCGRN +10.5


team slogo KANSAS -10.5


team slogo STBON +2.0


team slogo MICH -24.5


team slogo CREIGH -7.5


team slogo BAMA -16.5


team slogo DRAKE +7.5


team slogo STLOU -4.5


team slogo IOWA -13.5


team slogo UCONN -3.5


team slogo UVA -7.0


team slogo OKLA +1.0


team slogo NORFLK +33.0


team slogo BYU -3.5


team slogo TEXAS -8.5


Senior Analyst


NCAAB | 217 – 166 – 8 (57%) L391 ATS

Severance Pays


NCAAB | 138 – 101 – 1 (58%) L240 ATS

Former Vegas Bookmaker


NCAAB | 61 – 44 – 1 (58%) L106 ATS

Big Ten Baller


NCAAB | 16 – 8 – 0 (67%) L24 ATS

Contrarian with Chutzpah


NCAAB | 11 – 4 – 0 (73%) L15 ATS

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