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June 2021 Stats

NBA 1-3 | MLB 3-0 | WNBA 1-1 | CBB – 3-1

Saturday – College BB Arkansas vs. NC St Under 12.5 WINNER
Saturday – College BB Notre Dame vs. Michigan St Over 10 WINNER

Friday – College BB Texas Tech vs. Stanford Over 11 WINNER
Friday – College BB Arizona vs. Mississippi Over 14 LOSER

Thursday – WNBA Washington Mystics -5 WINNER

Wednesday – No Plays Released

Tuesday– Philadelphia vs. Atlanta Over 223 LOSER

Monday– No Plays Released

May 2021 Stats

MLB 11-6 | NBA 7-7 | WNBA 1-4| NCAA CFB 1-1 | PGA 3-6 | Horse Racing 0-1

April 2021 Stats

NBA 26W/33L | College Hoops 93W/102L | NHL 0W/3L
PGA 19W/25L | College Football – 7W/6L | MLB 12W/6L

Spooky is the name behind the brand, Spooky has been infamous in sports betting dating back to the early 2000’s. Back in the early days, Spooky was known for his Spooky Express threads where he gave his thoughts and winning plays for the upcoming games.

Because of Spooky’s posts and his free winning plays, Spooky gained a huge following on any forum where he posted. Now, he is one of the most well respected and most relied upon handicappers here at Spooky Express.

It is no secret that most people come to Spooky Express just to see what the bossman likes and we field hundreds of emails a week on who Spooky likes.

That led us to to going out and convincing Spooky to come out of handicapping retirement and giving us daily plays. I won’t say it was easy but we succeeded and now we get his plays each and every day, here at the Spooky Express.

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