Sports Betting is Legal in the US (State Tracker 2021)


Sports betting is legal in PA and mobile apps are available on iOS & Android. Lineups has exclusive PA welcome bonus offers.

New JerseyNew Jersey

New Jersey
Sports Betting is live and legal in New Jersey. Lineups has in-depth reviews and the highest sign up bonuses for the top NJ Sportsbooks.


Illinois mobile sports betting went live in August 2020. Lineups has the max free bonuses from the best IL Apps.


Mobile sports betting is live. Lineups has exclusive free bet promo codes for the best IA betting sites.


Sports betting is legal in CO and the top sportsbook apps are ready for download. Lineups has the highest CO bonuses.


Sports Betting is live and legal in Indiana. Lineups has reviews and the highest sign up bonuses for the IN betting apps.

tennessee flagtennessee flag

Sports betting launched in Tennessee on November 1, 2020. Our Top 3 sportsbooks are taking bets and offering free money on sign up.

michigans state flag 160X89michigans state flag 160X89

Sports Betting in Michigan is set to launch in mid January 2021. 7 of our top rated sportsbooks are approved for mobile bets in MI.


Sports betting launched in Virginia on January 22, 2021. The nation’s leading sportsbooks are live. If you’re in VA, you can legally bet now.


FanDuel Sportsbook & DraftKings Sportsbook Leading the US Betting Market

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Top 8 Rated US Sportsbook Mobile Apps

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State by State Sports Betting Tracker

Click on a state on the map below and you will be directed to a guide on the state’s legal sports betting status. Each state page contains legal updates, news and rankings of the top sportsbook apps. We also have the biggest signup bonuses at each sportsbook within each state.

*Green = Mobile & Desktop Sports Betting Available

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Arizona’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn3′, } ,’us_4′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

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  • Daily Fantasy’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn5′, } ,’us_6′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


    • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
    • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn6′, } ,’us_7′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

      Connecticut’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn7′, } ,’us_8′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


      Legal, but no online or mobile apps yet.’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn8′, } ,’us_9′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

      Florida’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn9′, } ,’us_10′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

      Georgia’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn10′, } ,’us_11′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

      HAWAII’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn11′, } ,’us_12′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

      Hawaii’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn12′, } ,’us_13′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


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        • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
        • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn14′, } ,’us_15′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


          • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
          • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn15′, } ,’us_16′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Kansas’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn16′, } ,’us_17′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Kentucky’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn17′, } ,’us_18′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Louisiana’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn18′, } ,’us_19′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Maine’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn19′, } ,’us_20′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Maryland’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn20′, } ,’us_21′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Massachusetts’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn21′, } ,’us_22′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Michigan’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn22′, } ,’us_23′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Minnesota’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn23′, } ,’us_24′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Mississippi’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn24′, } ,’us_25′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Missouri’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn25′, } ,’us_26′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Montana’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn26′, } ,’us_27′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

            Nebraska’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn27′, } ,’us_28′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


            • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
            • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn28′, } ,’us_29′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

              New Hampshire

              • Mobile Sports Betting App (DraftKings Only)
              • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn29′, } ,’us_30′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                New Jersey

                • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
                • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn30′, } ,’us_31′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                  New Mexico’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn31′, } ,’us_32′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                  New York

                  • Mobile Sports Betting Apps (Upstate onsite only)
                  • Online Sports Betting (Upstate onsite only)’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn32′, } ,’us_33′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                    North Carolina’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn33′, } ,’us_34′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                    North Dakota’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn34′, } ,’us_35′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                    Ohio’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn35′, } ,’us_36′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                    Oklahoma’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn36′, } ,’us_37′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


                    • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
                    • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn37′, } ,’us_38′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


                      • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
                      • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn38′, } ,’us_39′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                        Rhode Island’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn39′, } ,’us_40′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                        South Carolina’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn40′, } ,’us_41′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                        South Dakota’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn41′, } ,’us_42′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


                        • Mobile Sports Betting Apps’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn42′, } ,’us_43′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                          Texas’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn43′, } ,’us_44′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                          Utah’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn44′, } ,’us_45′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                          Vermont’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn45′, } ,’us_46′:{ ‘hover’: ‘


                          • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
                          • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn46′, } ,’us_47′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                            Washington’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn47′, } ,’us_48′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                            West Virginia

                            • Mobile Sports Betting Apps
                            • Online Sports Betting’, ‘url’:’’, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#59d600′, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn48′, } ,’us_49′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                              Wisconsin’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn49′, } ,’us_50′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                              Wyoming’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn50′, } ,’us_51′:{ ‘hover’: ‘

                              Washington DC’, ‘url’:”, ‘targt’:’_self’, ‘upclr’:’#E0F3FF’, ‘ovrclr’:’#8FBEE8′, ‘dwnclr’:’#477CB2′, ‘enbl’:true, ‘visnames’:’us_vn51′, } }]]>

States with Legal Sports Betting

Big States Coming Up

There are four states that will inevitably make up the vast majority of sports betting action in the US. 1) California, 2) New York, 3) Texas, 4) Florida. It’s uncertain of the exact order, but California is at the top. Unfortunately, California looks to be quite some time away from legalizing, but New York could happen in 2021. Florida is in a similar situation as California with Tribal Casinos holding the power. Texas is a conundrum that may take everyone by surprise. Sports Betting bills have been proposed and shot down, but money talks.

New York


NY has seen NJ flourish and we expect will be coming online state-wide with mobile sports betting in 2021. We’re following all the NY laws and legislation to provide the critical NY news.



California is the Holy Grail for online sportsbooks. There are some serious challenges in CA, primarily navigating the tribal casinos. We are following along with breaking CA news.



Ohio is on the clock for 2021. We expect a late-year launch in time for the NFL Season. Ohio could certainly use the additional revenue. The final stages of regulation and licensing are underway.

US Sports Betting Question & Answer


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

Yes, sports betting has a complicated past. However, the 2018 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, deciding that it was unconstitutional. This law is what was prohibiting States from legalizing sports gambling. Now, every State has the right to legalize and regulate its own sports betting market.

Can I bet on sports on my phone?

Yes, several states have legalized mobile/online betting. For example, Tennessee recently made sports betting legal and they are going with a mobile/online ONLY approach. You will need to check to make sure that your state has legal mobile bets, and you can find that information on

Is MyBookie Legal in the US?

Technically, yes. The United States federal law does not prohibit betting on sportsbooks operating outside the United States. MyBookie does not have its operations within the United States, so technically it is legal to bet on. However, these offshore sportsbooks do not abide by the same regulations and are less safe.

Are there betting limits on DraftKings?

Yes, DraftKings has a long list of betting limits, where they limit the payout that a single betslip can award based on the sport. There are several reasons for this, such as keeping the integrity of sports intact, as well as protecting themselves and the consumer from losing tons of money. You can find the full list of sports and the corresponding betting limits on their website.

When did sports betting become legal?

Sports betting in the United States became legal on May 14, 2018. On this date, the United States Supreme Court overturned the congressional law passed in 1992. It is now up to each state to decide whether sports betting is legal in their state.

Are sports betting winnings taxable?

On a federal level, all sports winnings are taxed at a rate of 25 percent of total winnings. Under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service, winnings from sports bets are grouped with gaming revenue and taxed at the same rate.

What are sports betting lines?

Sports betting lines are the probability odds assigned to a sporting contest. Various types of lines include the point spread, moneyline, and the over/under number for total points. Negative lines indicate the favored team, and positive numbers are assigned to the underdog.

Which sports betting app is the best?

Picking the best sports betting app should consider user preference and overall usability of the site. FanDuel has produced some astounding numbers on the overall handle, but DraftKings is routinely seen as the most user-friendly and widely used sportsbook app.

What is a teaser in sports betting?

Teasers are similar to a parlay bet in sports betting. The bettor can lower the risk of losing by adjusting the line or teasing on a two-team combination bet. While the chances of winning are better, there is a reduction in the odds they receive.

Can you bet on sports with PayPal?

The number of sportsbooks that accept deposits using PayPal is very limited. However, that is because PayPal has chosen to be selective in the sportsbooks it allows to use its services. The sites that accept PayPal will list it as an option and display the PayPal logo.

Is Bovada legal in the United States?

US federal law prohibits sports betting at offshore betting sites. Using an offshore sportsbook to gamble online is deemed a violation of the Wire Act. Some states have forced Internet providers to block offshore gambling vendors. You can get an account at Bovada, but it is not legal.

Latest Sports Betting News

Status of Legal Sports Betting in 50 US States

Gambling has been restricted in the United States since its founding, but we are in an era of change. The US Supreme Court removed a federally-imposed ban on state-sanctioned wagering in early 2018. A number of states have passed new laws allowing sports betting in physical casinos, online and via mobile betting apps.

Here is an up to date list of developments for all 50 states. *Updated 10/6/20.



The latest attempt to legalize sports betting in Alabama came in the form of bill HB336 in March of 2020. This bill would have created the Alabama Sports Wagering Commission; however, due to the pandemic, the bill has been postponed indefinitely. At the moment there is no legal way to bet on Sports in Alabama, despite a myriad of attempts over the past two years to get bills through.



Bills HB 246 and SB 199 are currently being proposed by the Alaska State legislature. These bills would allow sports wagering to be authorized by the state’s Lottery Commission. Unfortunately, there has not been much in the way of news or support on these bills, and it will most likely take another effort to get sports betting passed the State Assembly and Senate.



Arizona bills thus far have focused on legalizing sports betting for federally recognized tribes. These tribal casinos would be the ones given the authority to operate sports betting in the state. The first of its kind, SB 1158, also prohibited anyone else besides these tribes from entering the sports betting field. Nothing, however, has gotten passed to date. A big point of contention for the state lawmakers has been if tribal casinos should have a monopoly or not and what that would mean for mobile sports betting.



Arkansas in November of 2018 passed a bill allowing for a small number of retail locations for sportsbooks. On July 1st the first one opened its doors at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, since then two more licenses have been issued to Saracen Casino Resort and Southland Casino Resort. However, currently, there are no legal documents permitting online sportsbooks.



California sports betting has one of the harder paths in the United States. The State has made several attempts to legalize sports gambling; however, all gambling-related bills need a supermajority (⅔) in the legislature in California and none have successfully passed. It also will have to be voted on by the public in California, so the earliest date possible for legalization would be 2022. However, sportsbooks and apps like DraftKings and FanDuel are already making early attempts at partnering with major professional sports teams, as they project California to be a goldmine for sports betting.



Colorado sports betting was legalized on November 5th, 2019, when voters went to the polls and voted in favor of a ballot measure that allowed for regulation of sports betting through licensed casinos. Following, many of the major online sportsbooks have partnered with casinos to bring both physical and mobile betting. May 1st of 2020 was the launch of sports betting in Colorado.



Governor Ned Lamont has been a vocal supporter of legalized sports betting for the state. The last attempt to legalize came in February with the HB 5168 bill that would allow sports betting for the two Native American tribes in the state, off-track betting parlors, and the Connecticut Lottery Corporation. It seems Connecticut is currently tracking in the right direction, although the pandemic has slowed the legislative process.



Delaware acted quickly following the SCOTUS ruling to allow sports gambling and on June 5th, 2018 allowed for single-game batting at different casinos throughout the state. Prior to that ruling Delaware already offered parlay bets, getting around the federal-law that restricted single-game bets to Nevada. Delaware looks to add online sports betting; however, no bill is in the works.



Florida has seen a couple of strong pushes from Senators. The first came in November of 2019, and the other in February of 2020 both bills focus was regarding the specifications of accepting bets on sporting events. Both looked to have the lottery oversee mobile sports betting, but also want to work with the Native tribes in the area. Currently, nothing has passed or is on the floor for Florida sports betting.



The Georgia State Senate committee has passed HB 93, a bill that would legalize sports betting and set the groundwork for big sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel to enter the online betting space in Georgia. However, getting support in the house has been a struggle, but there is hope for legalization during the 2021 law-making season.



Hawaii is one of two states with absolutely 0 gambling, this means that there is no lottery, no casinos, and no sports betting. However, there have been attempts as recent as 2019 by lawmakers to push bills onto the floor in an attempt of creating a regulatory body for gambling, including sports gambling. As of 2021, there is no new news.



There has yet to be any real activity from legislators regarding legalizing sports betting in Idaho. Idaho is probably one of the states farthest away from legalized sports betting. No legislature has come out in support of sports gambling and there has been little in the way of lobbying efforts. However, things can get going quickly, it only takes one lawmaker to start making noise and drafting bills.



Illinois legalized sports betting on June 2nd, 2019. In March of 2020, the sports betting world of Illinois opened and attracted major attention from every large sportsbook. Illinois made it clear in the letter of the law to allow online betting which invited the likes of DK, WIlliamhill, FanDuel, and more to take part in the betting action.



Indiana was one of the first states to hop on sports betting. Their law that went into effect on September 1st of 2019, it allowed for the Indiana Gaming Commission to hand out licenses and have the authority to regulate both physical and mobile operators. Indiana has since attracted all the major sportsbooks throughout the country.



Similarly to Indiana, Iowa was able to pass its sports betting legislation in May of 2019. However, they were able to get their operations online slightly early in August of 2019. Iowa’s Racing Commission has been given the authority to regulate sports betting in the state, which includes mobile betting. Iowa clearly states a $45,000 licensing fee to operate in the state which is rather cheap compared to others.



Kansas had a promising first step when it came to sports betting legalization when the Senate passed a bill in February of 2020 that would allow in-person betting at their state-owned casinos, as well as pave the way for mobile sports betting. However, the House has still yet to vote on the bill due to the COVID pandemic. It looks more and more likely that a new bill will have to be voted on during the 2021 season by both the House and Senate.



Kentucky tried extremely hard in 2020 to get sports betting legalized. An extremely promising bill was drafted by the Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee, a legislation committee; however, it died on the floor in April. The committee looks to go back strong in 2021 or 2022 with quite a few Reps and Senators in favor of legalized sports betting.



A bill has been passed and will go to voters in November on whether to legalize sports wagering or not. Currently, the bill would not automatically legalize mobile betting; however, legislation could feasibly be pushed to allow for it. For now, it would legalize physical sportsbooks to casinos and racetracks.



Unfortunately for those who would like to bet on sports in Maine, Governor Janet Mills vetoed a sports betting bill in 2020. The Senate was actually able to garner the ⅔ majority needed to overturn the veto; however, the House just could not get the supermajority support. Another bill will not likely hit the floor until 2021. The bill that was proposed did in fact include mobile betting.



Sportsbetting will be on the ballot as Question 2 for Marylanders this November. DraftKings and other major sportsbooks have launched campaigns in favor of the proposition. The bill is set up to allow licensing to race tracks and casinos; however, legislators intend to allow mobile app sites such as Draftkings sportsbook to partner with the casinos and offer mobile betting.



There is quite the fight going on for the legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts. The House has passed multiple bills now with overwhelming support for legalized sports wagering that includes mobile and brick-and-mortar; however, the Senate continues to refuse any kind of sports gambling. There is still time in 2020 for this to change, due to Massachusetts legislation seasons, but for now, it looks unlikely.



Michigan was able to legalize sports betting in December of 2019. The law that was signed into effect by Governor Gretch Whitmer allows for betting on a myriad of sports and includes college betting. March 11th, 2020 was the launch date; however, mobile betting is launching early 2021. Michigan’s Gaming Control Board has felt pressure to push through the operation of online betting due to COVID.



Minnesota sports betting has yet to really get off the ground. There have been quite a few bills introduced into the Minnesota Senate; however, nothing has even hit the floor yet. One of the main obstacles in the Native American tribes lobbying, and their concern over allowing sports wagering in the state. They feel that it would disrupt the gaming industry they currently run in the state.



Mississippi was one of the earliest players to legalize sports betting. They had legislation in the works before the SCOTUS decision was made that allowed them to proceed. However, similar to Arkansas, there is currently no mobile betting. There have been a couple of attempts but the farthest that we have gotten would be allowing people to use mobile-apps on casino property.



While there were tons of legislation offered in 2020 in an attempt to get sports wagering passed, nothing came through. The pandemic was a major cause for this and many experts see 2021 as the year that Missouri finally gets the legalization of sports betting on the table. There have been loads of disagreement on if to allow mobile betting, and whether to limit a sports betting bill to casinos or include the Missouri Lottery Commission. These will be points of contention in 2021.



Montana legalized sports betting, including mobile gambling in May of 2019. The launch of sports betting happened in March of 2020 with Sports Bet Montana. Currently, sports betting is operational under the Montana Lottery, acting as a monopoly. Mobile betting is also limited to within certain distances of retail sports betting outlets.



Sports betting in Nebraska has failed to even get a bill on the floor so far. In 2020, despite multiple attempts, a bill was not even able to get past the committee stage. It is not looking promising for Nebraska residents who would like to wager on sports. It seems that Iowa legalizing sports gambling has failed to cause any sense of urgency by legislators in Nebraska as they lose potential tax revenue to their bordering state.



Nevada is the original place to bet on sports. The SCOTUS ruling in 2018 had no direct effect on Nevada as it was the sole place in the United States where single-game bets were allowed on sports. Currently, Nevada is the hotbed for physical and mobile sports betting. Despite the low population, due to tourism, the state has consistently produced hundreds of millions in revenue.

New Hampshire

New HampshireNew Hampshire

New Hampshire passed legislation to allow for sports wagering in July of 2019. New Hampshire has decided to go with a one operator setup. New Hampshire partnered with DraftKings Sportsbook and for the foreseeable future and they will be the only Sportsbook for New Hampshire. Fortunately for residents, this deal emphasizes mobile betting, so as long as you are anywhere in New Hampshire you can use the app.

New Jersey

New JerseyNew Jersey

New Jersey was one of the first states to take advantage of the SCOTUS decision in 2018. Soon after the decision, they took the lead in the new wave of sports betting. They have attracted every major sportsbook, and it certainly has to do with their openness to mobile sports betting. They have led the way when it comes to online sports gambling. Now they are one of the flourishing sports betting locations in the country.

New Mexico

New MexicoNew Mexico

New Mexico probably has the most obscure laws when it comes to this list. Tribal Casinos in New Mexico began taking sports wagers in 2018. However, there is no legislation allowing for legal sports betting, there just happens to also be no laws stating that it is illegal. Tribal casinos have snatched at this gray area and began accepting wagers following the SCOTUS decision in 2018. Currently, New Mexico does not seem to have a plan to widen or restrict betting.

New York

New YorkNew York

New York legalized sport betting on Jan 28th of 2019 and launched operations on July 17th of the same year. Currently, upstate casinos are the only place you can go to bet on sports. This is where tension currently lies in the legislators’ offices of New York State. Mobile sports gambling has had many attempts at passing through the house; however, the latest attempts have all felt short. New York has a huge untapped market with online gambling currently illegal in the state, and it seems only a matter of time before the votes will be there to make them legal.

North Carolina

North CarolinaNorth Carolina

Currently, only Native American tribal casinos are legally allowed to offer sports wagering. The Bill was signed and put into place by Governor Roy Cooper on July 16th, 2019. Since then there have not been any attempts, in terms of legislation, when it comes to expanding sports gambling to the online and mobile market. The Cherokee tribe is the only group that legally is allowed to operate gambling operations in North Carolina. This makes legislation extremely tricky and it does not look promising for expanded and mobile betting in the near future. However, even the Cherokee tribe is struggling to get things done as they still are awaiting a final green light to launch their Caesars Sportsbook. It is unclear what the hold-up is on the governor’s signature.

North Dakota

North DakotaNorth Dakota

North Dakota is one of the quietest states when it comes to sports betting news. Not a single bill was submitted, even to a committee, that had to do with sports betting in the state. There is little in the way of news or support from lawmakers. The last bit we have gotten was from 2019 when an attempt was made to legalize sports wagering for charitable gaming locations. The bill failed rather quickly and nothing has poked its head in terms of legislation since.



Ohio talks have ramped up this year when it comes to sports betting. The House and Senate have met during the second half of 2020 to find compromises when it comes to tax rates, licensing, etc. for sports wagering. The last bill to hit the committee was HB 194. This bill is going to need major revisions, but talks are a good step. Things are looking promising for Ohio; however, I think the first third of 2021 is a realistic date for bills to hit the floor.



Governor Kevin Sitt attempted to offer Native American casinos compacts and authorized sports gambling in 2020. However, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma State ruled that the governor had overstepped his boundaries. They claim legislation needs to be written before the governor can just partake in negotiations. Basically, Oklahoma is going to have to go the route of every other state, through the state House and Senate. Currently, there is no timeline as no bills have been proposed.



Oregon had sports betting prior to the PASPA ruling from the SCOTUS. The new ruling allowed for gambling to be expanded to single-game bets. However, Oregon has gone the single-player route only allowing the Oregon Lottery to control all sports betting. The Scoreboard sports betting app, which launched in October 2019, after legislation was signed on August 27th of that year, is the one place you can bet on sports online in Oregon. Currently, there is one tribal sportsbook open, which launched in September of 2019.



Pennsylvania passed legal sports betting, including mobile betting on November 16, 2018. They would start to let sportsbooks go live in May of 2019, as they began to test the product. Pennsylvania now operates at full capacity with several physical and online sportsbooks for all your wager needs. SugarHouse was the lucky sportsbook app to launch first; however, several competitors have teamed up with tracks and casinos in the following months, including DraftKings.

Rhode Island

Rhode IslandRhode Island

On November 26, 2018, Rhode Island legalized sports gambling within the state. However, the initial language of the legislation did not leave room for mobile and online sports wagers. In early 2019 the House and Senate expanded on the law to include online and mobile sports gambling, which was a huge step in the right direction. Originally in September of 2019, you needed to register in person for mobile betting; however, finally, the process has moved completely online. Mobile betting is currently a single player system ran by Rhode Island’s Lottery and powered by William Hill.

South Carolina


Following a failed bill in the earlier days of 2019, South Carolina legislators have failed to bring up any kind of bill to do with sports betting in the state. Even in the first attempt at some kind of commercial gaming for sports wagers, nothing in the bill hinted at legalizing online wagering. It does not look like South Carolina is anywhere close to legalized sports betting in the near future.

South Dakota

South DakotaSouth Dakota

A bill was passed in March of this year to allow voters in South Dakota to decide if sports betting should be legalized and regulated by the state. If the proposition passes it will allow the legislature to set the rules in the 2021 season. If everything goes perfectly we could see sports betting legalized in South Dakota and launched by August of 2021. An important thing to note is that South Dakota will be only allowing mobile betting in casinos. Therefore it is not going to be a true online/mobile betting experience if the laws were to pass.



Tennessee passed legislation on April 20th of 2019 to legalize sports gambling. Going against the grain Tennessee will only be offering online sports betting in their state. There will be no physical locations to go to bet. The first wave of apps will launch on November 1st, 2020. It has taken some time for the regulatory bodies to figure out all the rules and restrictions they would like to put into place. However, it does make sense as this will really be the first of its kind as an online-only betting state. Several online sportsbooks will surely be looking to get in on the action in the next wave of approval.



Texas legislators in the Senate offered an extremely detailed bill in the first half of 2019; however, the bill never was voted on and has since faded away. Unfortunately, since then there has been no solid attempt at getting sports betting on another piece of legislation. Texas has a massive opportunity to unleash a monstrous revenue stream for the state by legalizing sports gambling. However, for now, the hope is just to see some kind of idea pushed from the State lawmakers for 2021.


Utah has no gambling of any kind in the state. Due to the States deep ties with the Church, specifically the Mormon religion, it is highly unlikely that the state legislator overturns any kind of gambling. It will take a massive culture shift over many years for Utah to legalize gambling. There are even laws written into the state’s criminal code about protecting the state from legalized gambling, including online gambling if it were to become legalized at a federal level.



While Vermont currently has no timeline or bill in place to legalize sports betting, there has been some good news. In early 2020 a Senate bill was proposed to create a Study Committee for sports betting. These kinds of committees are created to develop and understand a certain topic of law and usually end up leading to legislation down the line. Covid-19 has delayed the bill to create said the committee, but there is hope for it in the latter half of 2021.



Virginia legalized sports betting, including online sportsbooks, on July 1st, 2020. Since then there have been many steps for the Virginia Lottery, the body overseeing the legalization process, having to approve regulations and licensing formats. Sportsbooks will be looking to team up with one of the 5 casino operators in the state to launch their online sports betting. However, those who do not team up will still have the opportunity to launch their app, they will just need separate approval from the Virginia Lottery Committee. The application process for both begian on Oct 15th of 2020.



On March 25th of 2020 sports betting became legalized in the State of Washington. However, it is currently limited to only tribal casinos, and it can only take place on their property. This bill has been a bit of a catch-22 for those hoping for online betting and expanded sports wagers. While it is nice to finally have some way to bet on sports in Washington, the bill is so restrictive due to tribal lobbying that many would have waited longer to get a more comprehensive and expansive piece of legislation through.

West Virginia

West VirginiaWest Virginia

Sports gambling was legalized for West Virginia during March 2018. West Virginia does offer mobile and physical betting, though oddly enough, only three sportsbooks are currently in play. DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM have all teamed up with a casino to have physical locations, as well as offering online betting apps to play on. West Virginia sports betting is currently regulated by the WV Lottery Commission.



Wisconsin is one of the few states that have not had a single attempt at legalization through the state lawmakers since the SCOTUS decision to end PASPA in 2018. There is no current timeline for sports betting in the state since there has yet to be an attempt at legalization. The hope is as more states legalize sports betting through 2021 we will begin to see rumblings in the State legislature for Wisconsin, and start to get an idea at where their heads are at.



A bill that would have legalized sports betting in Wyoming failed on the house floor during March of this year. The vote was lost right before the pandemic hit and killed any chance of legalization in 2020. However, the good news is that the bill did focus on mobile and online gambling. Since Wyoming has basically no casinos, or betting facilities it would only make sense to focus on the mobile side of sports betting.

Sports Betting Knowledge Base

We have resources to help you become a smarter bettor and when you’re ready, secure free money. Check out our Betting Strategy section for training courses, betting picks, and daily fantasy picks. Once you feel good about your approach, read our Sportsbook Reviews, and find the biggest bonus for the sportsbooks you want to register on.



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How to Bet on Sports 101 in the US

Betting on sports is a super easy process that here, at, we can help you out with. Most of the work has already been done for you, and the only thing you have to do is follow the steps below!

Step 1: Find A Legal US Sportsbook

The first thing you need to do is search for the right sportsbook for you. On we have reviews on just about every major sportsbook, and all reviews include our 3 point check system. This way you can make sure that the sportsbook you play with is legal, licensed, and safe. As you search for the sportsbook that best suits you, the first thing you need to do is make sure that it is licensed for your state. The next two most important things to find out are if they have the sports that you want to bet on, and how well the application runs on your device.

Step 2: Select a Sign Up Bonus

Using our site you will find huge promotions and bonuses for signing up on many of the major sportsbooks. Make sure that you click on the link provided on our sportsbook reviews to maximize your sign up bonus. These bonuses range from $100s in risk-free bets, as well as tons of money in deposit matching.

Step 3: Register Your Account

Once you have clicked on the link to make sure that you are getting the promotion, the next thing to do is register your account, either on your mobile device or desktop. One key thing to note here is that you must have geolocation turned on whether you are using wifi or mobile data. The sportsbook needs to be able to confirm that your location is indeed within state borders, for whatever state you are betting in. If it cannot verify your location, the sportsbook will not let you register/place bets.

When registering you will need to hand over quite a bit of personal information, depending on the company and state. However, every sportsbook that has gone through our 3-point check is safe and has tight security on your information. These details are needed so that they can confirm your identity, and also make sure that you are of legal betting age.

Step 4: Depositing/Withdrawing

Once your account is created, the next step is to deposit money. Most major sportsbooks will accept debit card, credit card, PayPal, bill pay, and many more options. The deposit should go through quickly and then you can be on your way to betting.

Once you want to cash out on your bankroll you will be given the same options, and the money should be transferred to your destination of choice quickly. Remember that if you used a promotion that rewarded you cash from deposit matching or for free bets, then this money is not eligible to be withdrawn. Make sure to read the fine print and understand when and what money you can withdraw from your bankroll when using promotions!

Sports Betting Beginners Guide

Being new to the field of sports betting can be overwhelming. There are so many different sports to bet on and different ways to bet on those sports. Here we will provide you with a quick overview of the most popular ways to bet, as well as a couple of quick strategies that are often employed when wagering on sports.

Types of Bets

Single Game Bets: Single game bets are the most common ways to wager on sports. These are bets based on the outcome of a single game between two teams or players.

Moneylines: This is the first kind of single-game bet, and it is the easiest to understand. Here you will be given odds for either team to win the match and you simply select the team that you think will win. If the team you wagered on does win, then you win your bet!

Total Points: A popular single-game bet that takes the combined point total of two teams at the end of their match as the thing that you are betting on. Oddsmakers will provide a number and you can either bet the over or under on that number. If the total points is over the set amount, then the over wins. If the total points is under the set amount, then the under wins

Spreads: Spreads are a way to make a matchup even without changing the odds/payouts. A spread is how much a team either needs to win by or can lose by. For the favorite, they will have a “-” next to their points, i.e. -4.5. In this case, the favorite needs to win by over 4.5 points for them to win the bet. The underdog will have a “+” by their name, i.e. +4.5. The underdog can win, tie, or lose by up to 4.5 points to win the bet.

Team Futures: Other ways to bet include team futures, where you are betting on a certain result to happen at the end of the season. Some of the most common ways to bet on team futures are by betting on the Super Bowl winner in football or betting the over/under on the number of wins a team will have throughout the duration of a season.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are fun bets that have to do with specific things happening in a game. You can bet on which team you think will score first, or even which player! You can also bet halftime spreads or total points, as well as being able to bet on how many yards a running back will rush for in a game, or if a baseball player will hit a home run in their game.

Live Betting: Live-betting is betting on games that are currently live at that very moment. These are always fun as you watch the odds and spreads shift throughout the game based on how it is going.

Betting Strategies

Against the Spread Record Betting: This is using the past to your advantage. Oftentimes, a team will, for one reason or another, perform very well against the spreads that oddsmakers give them. This team does not even necessarily have to be talented, it is more about their perception. If the public constantly underestimates or overestimates a team, oddsmakers will tend to lean towards that belief. This is because they are attempting to get bets on the spread to fall on an even 50/50 so that the sportsbook makes money no matter who wins. For you, this means that you can go against the grain, and with history on your side make a confident bet.

An example of this was the 2016 Patriots who were 16-3 against the spread. Meaning that Vegas constantly underrated the team, despite their great performances. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have the 2019 Bears who were 4-12 against the spread. A team that was supposed to be better than they were and the public/oddsmakers consistently overrated them.

Do not buy points: Another tip you often see from experts is to avoid buying points. This refers to buying extra points in a spread i.e moving a favorite from -4.5 to -3.5 or moving an underdog from +6.5 to +7.5. Sportsbooks often overcharge for this compared to the benefit that you are getting for that one point. While it is not completely useless I advise simply staying away from the spread if you feel the need to buy points. Instead, do some more digging and find a game that you are more confident about!

How Sentiment in the United States Has Evolved

Influence of Money

Gambling in America has historically gone through eras of sentiment. The mixed feelings of the average citizen are reflected in swings of public opinion, which have alternated between prohibitions of wagering and the relaxing of restrictions.

Economics is seen as an instigator of gambling’s fortunes—but it works both ways. Gambling flourishes in prosperous times as part of the enjoyment good times bring. Ironically the same enthusiasm for gambling can develop during bad times, too, in hopes, it might provide needed revenue.

From a citizen’s perspective, maneuvering by public officials seems motivated by the money which gambling represents. Prohibitions are seen as turf battles instead of true reflections of high-flown sentiments.

Involvement of Sports Leagues

National Basketball Association (NBA)nba logo 100nba logo 100The NBA has been a supporter of legalizing sports wagering, and its Commissioner Adam Silver is a longtime proponent. Silver sees potential benefits in increased fan engagement with the sport.

Silver is also adamant about enacting effective regulation to protect basketball’s integrity. The NBA seeks a share of gambling profits, claiming costs of future efforts needed to safeguard the sport’s integrity.

National Football League (NFL)

nfl logo 100nfl logo 100No league has spoken more about integrity and standing firm against gambling than America’s favorite sport … nor have any been so quick to reach for a slice. After the Supreme Court’s decision, the NFL publicly stated their intent to lobby Congress for a share. NFL teams since the Supreme Court’s decision have been partnering with US sportsbook at a rapid pace. The NFL holds a lot of sway over the direction of American sports betting legal processions and overall sentiment.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

mlb logo 100mlb logo 100Major League Baseball challenged New Jersey’s tactics, treading a careful line in light of experience with the gambling scandal. In 2017, Baseball Commissioner Fred Manfred spoke on the proposed changes and stated the MLB’s position as seeking “to meaningfully engage and shape” the new regulatory scheme.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

ncaa logo100ncaa logo100The NCAA has been a longtime opponent of legalized sports betting, taking the position that legalized sports wagering poses a threat to athletes and the integrity of the competition. In the recent past, the NCAA has banned on-air advertising during its championship events by the two main daily fantasy game brands, DraftKings and FanDuel.

The NCAA appears to be reconsidering its stance. NCAA President Mark Emmert recently suggested a change of policy in favor of legalized wagering, claiming the board is having “active discussions about that issue.”

Legal Guide to US Online Sports Betting

In May 2018, the Supreme Court lifted the 1992 Federal ban on sports betting by declaring the existing law unconstitutional. The law was called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) or Bradley Act of 1992. So, the initial question of, “Is it legal to bet on sports in the US?” has been answered. The answer is “Yes” or “Kind of,” and in reality, it depends entirely on the state. Without an overarching federal law, the states must regulate gambling, and it gets a bit complicated. To simplify, we’ve broken down sports betting into categories:

  1. Online Sports Betting – bets on a website via desktop, tablet or mobile
  2. Mobile Sports Betting Apps – requires a download of a mobile app
  3. Live or Physical Sportsbooks – requires in-person betting at a Sportsbook that is located inside a physical casino
  4. Daily Fantasy Sports- single day fantasy drafting with a predetermined prize pool.
  5. Season Long Fantasy Sports- weekly fantasy sports with one draft pre-season and money prize pool.
  6. Prop Gaming – niche space, which falls under Daily Fantasy laws. Wagering on individual players or events in a sports game. Often a binary wager.

The Shifting Online Sports Betting Landscape

The recent Supreme Court decision on sports betting in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association has further upended the already shifting landscape for wagering. In the wake of the decision, states have been rushing to put into place long-held plans to offer sports gambling, pushing forward plans that were, in some instances, already in the making when the decision was issued. Additionally, the online casino space has been slowly gaining steam, regenerating itself after previous federal efforts to curtail the space.

The History of U.S. Online Betting

Gambling has a checkered history in America. Early hotspots of wagering like New Orleans or the 1850’s Gold Rush San Francisco were stifled by concerned citizens, and gambling was prohibited in the country by the early 20th century.

In hopes of economic relief, Depression-era Nevada legalized gambling. After WWII, gambling prohibition strengthened across the country–and Nevada became an opportune investment.

The Interstate Wire Act was passed in 1961, which prohibited the use of wire communications to “assist in the placing of bets or wagers on any sporting event or contest.” The Act was intended to target organized crime, but its use was expanded.

The Seminole Indian tribe established a gambling facility in 1979—opening the door to a wave of casino operations on reservation lands.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), was enacted in 1992 to halt the advance of legalized sports betting. The law allowed some gambling locales to be grandfathered, including Nevada casinos and state-run lotteries in Oregon, Delaware, and Montana.

PASPA faced several legal challenges. The American Sports Betting Coalition, still going strong, was created as a pro-repeal initiative by Indian gaming interests and the American Gaming Association. Early internet betting in the United States faced heavy legal scrutiny. Although domiciled offshore, these companies were placed under heavy pressure. Jay Cohen, a founder of one of the first online sportsbooks, World Sports Exchange, returned to the U.S. to face criminal charges and was sentenced to prison time for his activities.

Still, there was just enough legal ambiguity to permit early online betting venues to proliferate and thrive. Early legislative attempts to outright ban online casinos failed to win passage. Further complicating the picture was the fact that fantasy sports, which could arguably be considered gambling, was thriving. Nonetheless, there was a steady stream of indictments of online gaming executives.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), which targeted the financial transactions that powered online gaming. The law targeted offshore operations and stifled the flow of money via payment and withdrawal processing. The modern-day equivalent is Bovada, which many Americans are using daily. Read more on the legality of offshore books like Bovada. We feel it’s highly likely that history repeats itself in a fashion and US state lawmakers try to protect US consumers and takedown offshore book competition. The definitions that were part of the statute carved out fantasy sports from the definition of gambling. However, gaming businesses were prohibited from accepting payments from players in connection with wagers. Several states tried to fill the void by attempting to pass their legislation legalizing online wagering.

On a day that will forever be remembered by online poker players as Black Friday, top executives of several online poker operators were simultaneously indicted on charges of violating UIGEA. These venues ceased operations, and their bank accounts were seized. In the process, poker players lost hundreds of millions of dollars. This ground the online poker industry to a halt before the states mentioned above began to re-create the marketplace.

As mentioned above, the UIGEA had a carve-out for fantasy sports as well as certain games of skill. In 2009, a company called Fanduel commenced operations with the premise that contests requiring players to draft teams daily were fantasy games that could be considered a game of skill. As a result, they believed that it fell into the exemption from UIGEA. Accordingly, daily fantasy sports was born. It was not long before numerous companies entered the marketplace, and the industry began to receive regulatory scrutiny. Soon, multiple states began to ban daily fantasy sports within their borders. However, other states expressly legalized the industry, which continues to thrive as the market has consolidated.

Underlying the issue of the legality of sports betting is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), which effectively barred sports gambling in the United States. This law was passed pursuant to Congress’ power under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and was premised on the fact that sports gambling was harmful to the integrity of sports. The law had been under sustained legal attack by the states, who wanted to earn revenue from activity that they believed would occur anyway, notwithstanding its legality.

In 2018, the Supreme Court overturned PASPA as unconstitutional. New Jersey challenged PASPA in its longstanding efforts to promote legal sports gambling. According to the Court in its decision, Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, PASPA forced the states to take responsibility for enforcing federal laws. This rendered the statute to be unconstitutional. According to the Court, if Congress does not directly exercise its power to regulate gambling on its own, the states are free to enact their laws.

Betting on a Bright Future

With the US Supreme Court’s removal of legal restrictions against sports betting, the gambling industry is changing rapidly. As the number and kind of betting establishments increase, we can expect to see more opportunities for advertisements for betting, something that is certain to increase the customer base, especially among youth.

One example is the negotiations underway to bring sportsbook action to Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant chain that began as a collegiate attraction and which models its interiors to imitate the inside of an actual sports stadium.

If we look overseas to nations that have a mature gambling industry in place, we can see sponsorships from betting companies becoming an integral part of professional sports.

Wagering is set to expand beyond sports. In Britain—one of the most highly developed gambling markets—bookmaker Ladbrokes hired an aircraft banner to tout the odds they were giving on the name of their queen’s recent great-grandchild, which hovered above the hospital as the Duchess in question was in labor.

Whatever the future, it seems almost certain to be lucrative for gambling interests.

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Positioned Well

Two companies are well placed in the new environment for online sports betting: Boston-based DraftKings and FanDuel out of New York City. Both companies have built a user base through daily fantasy sports gaming, and are moving into relationships to bring legalized sports betting online.

FanDuel was bought by a European gaming company, Paddy Power Betfair, just after the Court’s favorable decision. This expands FanDuel’s reach and increases its financial holdings, allowing the brand to pay off its debts and prepare for future expansion. Several executives from previous daily fantasy operations helped start-up Monkey Knife Fight, which is a daily fantasy spin on prop games. Lineups has a full Monkey Knife Fight review & Monkey Knife Fight promo code with all the information you need to get started. It’s a website, unlike any other, and may end up taking over the props space.

Challenges and Benefits of Sports Betting in Other Countries

Gambling is restricted in many places overseas, but Europeans are more welcoming. Many of the large variety of casino card and dice games were invented and popularized in Europe. Certain areas of Europe place greater restrictions on gambling, such as Germany and Norway, but the attitude is largely one of integration and acceptance.

The positive aspects of gambling are not limited to economics. The socializing that gambling promotes have benefited many European countries, and this internationalization has helped other cultures too. For example, Hong Kong owes its prominence and “melting pot” character partly to a sizeable gaming industry.

Benefits of Legalized Sports Betting

One primary benefit of legalized sports betting is an increase in tax revenue. The American Gaming Association (AGS) estimates an additional $26 billion being generated in economic activity from legalized sports betting.

Adding to that total is money currently being wagered illegally. The AGS estimates that well over $100 billion is now going to illicit gambling operations. Bringing in just a fraction of this amount represents a significant growth of future tax dollars.

According to these estimates, legalized gambling will contribute as much as $5 billion to the general economy of the states. Approximately 152,000 jobs paying over $7 billion in wages are projected.


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