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Sports Betting Sites Rating Guide 2021

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The ideal sports betting site varies from one player to the next. One bettor might be excited to find a sportsbook that offers a large cash bonus, accepts Bitcoin and has a high-quality poker room. Another sports bettor might be more interested in finding a betting site that offers reduced juice lines and a great racebook.

<p>We have therefore included a range of filters on this page to help you narrow down your search. You can check the boxes that matter the most to you, and then you will be left with a list of sites that cater to your needs. You might then decide to sign up for an account with the sportsbook that holds the best rating, or you might prefer to read our in-depth reviews of each remaining betting site to learn more about them before making your decision.</p>    <p>Remember that you can also sign up for accounts with multiple betting sites. That allows you to benefit from several different welcome bonuses and to quickly grab the best odds on any sporting event you want to bet on.</p>    <p>Read on to learn more about the different filter options and what they mean.</p>    <h2>Country</h2>    <p>This allows you to quickly find all the betting sites that are licensed to operate in your country. Simply choose your country from the list and we will filter out all the sites that do not accept players from there.</p>    <h2>BMR Rating</h2>    <p>You can use this quick filter tool to narrow your search down to sportsbooks that achieved a certain minimum rating.</p>    <h4>A or Above</h4>    <p>Click on this option if you are only interested in sports betting sites that received the best rankings available. You can read more about an A+ and an A rating further down the page, but they are reserved for a handful of elite sports betting sites that excel across a range of key criteria. These sites are all safe, secure and trustworthy, and they have demonstrated a long-term commitment to treating players fairly and paying out in full and on time.</p>    <h4>B or Above</h4>    <p>You can broaden your search out by including every site that secured a B or above in our ratings guide. These sites are all perfectly reputable and trustworthy, and they will all pay you out the winnings you are owed. There is just a gulf in quality between the sportsbooks rated A+ and the online sports betting sites rated B. The betting sites with a B ranking may have a couple of flaws, but overall they are above average sportsbooks.</p>    <h4>C or Above</h4>    <p>Clicking on this option essentially filters out all the sites that are best avoided. Some of the sites with C- and D+ ratings are not going to rip you off, but they offer a below par sports betting experience, and we are confident you will enjoy a better level of service elsewhere. If you click on this option, you will be left with a relatively broad quality spectrum, as betting sites with an A+ or an A rating are vastly superior to sportsbooks rated C. However, you might have a particular reason for signing up with a C rated book – it might cover a niche sporting event you like, or offer a bonus that really appeals to you.</p>    <h2>Sign Up Bonus</h2>    <p>There are hundreds of sports betting sites vying to win your business. Most of them offer an enticing sign up bonus in an effort to stand out from the crowd. However, there are different forms of welcome bonus on offer, and our filter can help you quickly identify sites with offers that appeal to you.</p>    <h4>Cash Bonus</h4>    <p>A cash bonus is generally appealing, as you get to keep your stake if your bet proves to be successful. For example, you might receive a $100 cash bonus and decide to wager it on the New York Giants winning an NFL game at odds of +200. If the Giants win the game, you would be returned $300 ($200 profit and your $100 stake back). That would not be the case with a free play bonus.</p>    <h4>Free Play</h4>    <p>A free play bonus is not quite as attractive as a cash bonus, because your stake is not returned to you if you win. If you received a $100 free play bonus and wagered it on the Giants winning at +200, you would only get $200 profit back if they won the game. You would not be returned your $100 risk amount.</p>    <p>However, you should not simply dismiss free play bonuses. A free play bonus might actually be more attractive than a cash bonus if it is for a larger amount, or if it carries a lower rollover requirement, or if the match percentage is higher. For example, a 100% free play bonus worth up to $500 with a 5x rollover requirement is actually more appealing than a 50% cash bonus worth up to $250 with a 12x rollover requirement. If you read our sportsbook reviews, we will break down the true value of each sign-up bonus.</p>    <h4>Free Bet</h4>    <p>Some betting sites will throw in a free bet as part of the welcome offer when you sign up for an account. These offers are pretty rare, but you can click this filter box to see the sportsbooks offering free bets in a bid to attract new customers.</p>    <h2>Banking Options</h2>    <p>Finding a sportsbook that accepts your preferred payment method is crucial. If you do not like using a credit card or debit card, you might want to find online sports betting sites that accept e-wallet payments. If you have a large crypto portfolio, you will understandably be keen to find a Bitcoin sportsbook. Our filter tools can help you quickly identify betting sites that will be compatible with your favorite banking options. You can click on multiple options if you like using more than one banking method.</p>    <h4>Visa</h4>    <p>Visa is the world’s leading provider of credit cards and debit cards. It does not issue cards or extend credit, but it provides banks and other financial institutions with Visa-branded payment products that they use to offer credit, debit, prepaid and cash access programs. The vast majority of sports betting sites accept Visa payments.</p>    <p>It is a quick, safe and convenient payment method. Visa has highly secure data centers in Virginia, Colorado, London and Singapore, and it can handle 30,000 simultaneous transactions per second. However, it can take around three to five business days to receive withdrawals via Visa, so some sports bettors prefer to use an e-wallet provided by Neteller or Skrill instead.</p>    <h4>Mastercard</h4>    <p>Mastercard is another major payment processing provider, with many banks issuing Mastercard branded credit cards and debit cards. It offers the same advantages and disadvantages as Visa, but it is not quite as widely accepted.</p>    <h4>Bitcoin</h4>    <p>The world’s most popular cryptocurrency is increasingly being offered as a payment option at online sports betting sites. It offers quick, safe and convenient deposits, and it generally provides much faster withdrawal times than alternative methods. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, allowing you to send money directly to a sportsbook. You can also receive money from the sportsbook without the transaction being held up by the banking process.</p>    <p>Bitcoin cuts out the middleman, which makes the process quick and cost-effective. Some of the best online sports betting sites pass on some of those savings to their customers in the form of improved odds and more lucrative bonuses. You generally have to pay a network fee to transfer funds from your Bitcoin wallet to your online sports betting account, but some sportsbooks reimburse those fees. Click the Bitcoin box to be presented with a list of the various gambling websites that accept this cryptocurrency.</p>    <h4>Bank Transfer</h4>    <p>You can often send a direct bank transfer to a sports betting site via ACH, e-check or a wire transfer. It is a safe and reliable payment method, but withdrawals can be a little slow, and you may find that minimum deposits and withdrawals are high when you choose this method.</p>    <h4>Neteller</h4>    <p>Neteller is a popular e-wallet provider based on the Isle of Man in the UK. It allows you to fund your sports betting account without needing to enter your bank details. Some sports bettors prefer this extra layer of security and convenience. Simply enter your Neteller wallet ID to send money to the sportsbook and receive money.</p>    <p>Neteller offers some of the fastest withdrawal times, and it is widely considered to be a safe and secure payment method. However, you will have to pay a fee to withdraw from your Neteller wallet to your bank account. You are also unlikely to be offered bonuses if you choose Neteller as your deposit method, as some people have used e-wallets to abuse the bonus system in the past.</p>    <h4>Skrill</h4>    <p>Skrill is another popular e-wallet provider owned by the same company as Neteller – Paysafe Group. It is very similar to Neteller, but offers slightly different fees and loyalty schemes. Click Skrill if you want to find a sports betting site that accepts this payment method.</p>    <h2>Sportsbook Features</h2>    <p>You can also use our filter tool to quickly find sportsbooks that offer certain features.</p>    <h4>Reduced Juice</h4>    <p>Most sportsbooks offer odds of -110 on sides and totals. These are known as dime lines. You need to wager $110 on either team covering the spread to earn a $100 profit, so the sports betting site takes a significant house edge. This house edge is known as the juice, or the vigorish.</p>    <p>Some sportsbooks operate on a reduced juice model. This means they offer odds that are more attractive than -110 on spreads and totals. Anything better than -110 can be considered reduced juice, but the most common reduced juice lines are -105. That means you only need to risk $105 in order to generate a $100 profit if your bet is successful. Reduced juice lines are highly desirable, but it is increasingly rare to find sportsbooks that offer them. You can use our filter to quickly identify the betting sites that do offer reduced juice.</p>    <h4>Live Chat</h4>    <p>Live chat allows you to access rapid customer service without needing to pick up the phone or send an email. You will find a live chat icon on the sportsbook homepage, and you can click on it to seek customer support. The best sports betting sites offer 24/7 live chat support, with highly qualified, knowledgeable, multilingual agents ready to help you 365 days a year. Waiting times should be minimal.</p>    <h4>Telephone Customer Service</h4>    <p>Some sports betting sites only offer customer support via email, or require you to fill in a web form. You can then end up waiting several days for a response. Many sports bettors are therefore keen to find a sportsbook that offers customer service via telephone. The best online betting sites will provide you with a toll-free number to call 24/7, and you will not be kept on hold waiting to speak to a representative.</p>    <h4>Live Betting</h4>    <p>Live betting allows you to wager on sporting events after they have started. The sportsbooks release in-play odds on a number of betting options while the action unfolds. Many of them also provide live streaming, allowing you to watch the game, browse a wealth of stats and place wagers, all in one place. It is actually rare for sports betting apps and sites not to offer live betting nowadays, but you can quickly filter out those sites that only offer pre-game wagering options by using our handy tool.</p>    <h2>Gambling Products</h2>    <p>Many sports bettors are seeking all-round gambling sites that provide dedicated casino, racebook and poker sections.</p>    <h4>Casino</h4>    <p>Check this box if you want to find an online sports betting site that also has an online casino section. The best betting sites provide a broad range of slots from the world’s leading software developers, from classic 3-reel slots to the latest 3D slots and progressive jackpots. You should also find a wealth of virtual table games, speciality games and live dealer options.</p>    <h4>Horse Racing</h4>    <p>Check this box to filter out all the sportsbooks that do not take bets on horse races. The best racebooks cover all the action from racetracks in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Japan and other countries, including thoroughbred and harness racing. You should be able to place straight and exotic wagers, and browse a range of futures wagering options. Some betting sites also provide a racebook rebate, which sees you returned a percentage of any net losses you might incur over the course of a week.</p>    <h4>Poker</h4>    <p>If you want to find a sportsbook that also has a poker room, check this box. The best poker betting sites provide a range of tournaments and have games in play at any time of day or night, while also offering bonuses and loyalty programs. If you want an all-round betting site that provides a sportsbook, casino, racebook and poker room, check all of these boxes.</p>

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