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Welcome to the only website that’s only purpose is to try and get you the fastest sportsbook payouts available for 2021. With the rise of Bitcoin and other easy withdrawal options, payouts at online sportsbooks have got much faster over the years. If you are one who likes to bet on sports, it’s likely for a couple of reasons. One, you like the thrill of betting on a game and making it more exciting, or two, you are looking to make some good money in the process! Either way, when you do win that big bet you wagered on, getting easy and fast sportsbook payouts is the next thing on your mind.

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There are several online sportsbooks out there that offer quick payouts from your account, and come complete with some of the best reputations in the business. Below we have given a short description of all of the most popular sportsbook withdrawal options that you will see at online sportsbooks. Some of these are available to players all over the world and some of them are limited to players in certain countries. With our help, you will be able to figure out which one will work best for you and which sportsbooks offer that particular method for payouts.

Sportsbooks With Easiest/Fastest Payout Methods

Some of the best online sportsbooks out there are many of the ones that we deal with. Below you will see some short reviews of those sites, like Bovada, BetOnline, 5Dimes Sportsbook and more. That is because they have established a solid reputation for their odds and treating their customers. And at the top of a bettors list is receiving their payout, which is at the forefront of these online sportsbooks. Each of them offer different methods and have different restrictions, but they are all fast and reliable.

Bovada Sportsbook Payouts

Bovada Sportsbook is at the top of the online sports betting industry, and a big reason for that in addition to their odds, are the methods and speed of payouts in 2021. Bovada offers both electronic transfers of funds from an account, as well as through the use of a check sent in the mail. The electronic transfers are the quickest for, and may only take a couple of days. A check takes longer, potentially several weeks.

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BetOnline Sportsbook gives those looking to make a withdrawal the option to do so using several ways. A wire transfer such as a Western Union, a bank transfer, and a check through the mail are the main ways in which to receive your cash out from BetOnline. The wire transfer and bank wire will be the fastest was versus receiving a check through the mail, which could take several weeks.

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In terms of payout methods and the time it takes get money out of this sportsbook, ranks right up there with the best options available today… especially for anyone that lives in the U.S. Among the ways to get paid are wire transfers which include receiving cash or having money wired directly to your account but withdrawals are often received in the form of a paper check.

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5Dimes Sportsbook Payouts

5Dimes is another online sportsbook that is quite fast when it comes to getting you your pay out. Through the use of eWallet, you can get your payout very quickly. Wire transfers are also an option using 5Dimes, as well as waiting for them to send you a check through the mail. And, you are going to end up with a lot to cash out with the 5Dimes 50% to $200 bonus that new bettors get on first deposit.

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DSI Sportsbook is one of the most reputable sports betting sites, especially when it comes to their sportsbook payouts. When you visit the online cashier you can select from methods like MoneyGram, Western Union, and traditional checks. One of the most popular payout options is bitcoin due to its speed and reliability. You can request anywhere from $100 to $5000 in bitcoin at DSI, and you can expect to receive your coins within 24 hours.

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Types Of Sportsbook Payout Methods In 2021

There are two general types of sportsbook payouts. They are an electronic payment, and a check through the mail. Now, an electronic payout can come in a number of forms, and depending on the sportsbook, there are going to be different options that are available to you. Each online sportsbook does not offer the exact same ways to receive your payout, however, the ones that we discuss are some of the most reputable around, and the time frame in which you do receive your withdrawal are very comparable.

Sports Betting Payout Methods For USA + International Bettors

Bitcoin Sportsbook Payouts – If you are not already using Bitcoin for all of your transactions with online sportsbooks in 2021, then you need to be!!! This is the best thing to happen to currency in the modern age and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This method allows you to receive big sportsbook payouts without having to give up any kind of personal information and the fees are basicly nothing. If you are looking for the very fastest sportsbook payouts then you need to be using Bitcoin.

Checks – Just about every online sportsbook around will give you the option to have a check sent through the mail, but it is no longer the best method since Bitcoin has arrived. While this is the more time consuming way to receive your payout, the appeal of it is that you do not have to sign up for any other form of electronic account outside of the account you set up on the sportsbook itself. and if you are one who is fine with waiting a couple of weeks to have your winnings mailed to you without having to sign up for anything more or dealing with things electronically, than this is definitely a great option. It’s also nice that there are little or no fees at all with a mailed check.

Wire Transfers – Wire transfers for payouts from online sportsbook is an easy and fast way to get your winnings. An example of this would be Western Union, which is certainly a trusted and reliable form of a wire transfer of funds. However, not every online sportsbook out there offers a Western Union or other form of wire transfer option.

Other US Sportsbook Payout Options: Bank Wire Debit Card Payment

2021 Sports Betting Payout Methods For International Bettors Only

Instadebit – Instadebit is a form of an electronic transaction for which you can receive a payout an online sportsbook. However, Instadebit is not available to U.S.A players. Currently, Instadebit only allows Canadian residents to register for an account and make transactions. There is a $2 charge for a payout to your bank account per transaction.

Click2Pay – Registering for a Click2Pay account is another way to receive a payout from an online sportsbook for money transfers. This Internet payment medium allows their customers to make payments and receive a transfer of funds almost instantly. Click2Pay markets themselves as one of the most secure companies when it comes to payments on the Internet and will make getting your payout from an online sportsbook quick providing that this is a potential method. Fees can vary depending on your country, but for U.S.A Players it looks to be a 3 percent flat charge.

PayPal – PayPal is probably one of the most recognized electronic financial services name out there, especially for U.S players. PayPal provides a fast and efficient way to get paid online, and offers a ton of flexibility in how they allow you to receive payments. They have over 110 million accounts. Withdrawing from your PayPal account takes about 5-7 days once you have received you cash out from the online sportsbook. PayPal also states that the fees with vary depending on the amount being withdrawn.

Neteller – Neteller has been around for over 10 years, online payments and transfers of funds. Neteller is the company responsible for the popular eWallet accounts available around the world, and have been quite popular with online sportsbooks and players cashing out using eWallet. Withdrawal fees for Neteller also vary, depending on the type of transfer your payout from the online sportsbook came from.

Skrill – The Skrill digital wallet was created by Moneybookers. It is a bit different from other forms, in the sense that they take pride in their security and revealing personal information to third parties. Through the use of an email address, you will be able to transfer and receive money. For U.S.A Players using Skrill, the standard fee is 2.9% up to $3,000. The fee goes down as the amount increases after $3,000. Skrill is quite timely in processing the transfers as well, making it quick and easy to receive your payout from the online sportsbook.

EntroPay – EntroPay issues virtual prepaid Visa cards, which allows customers to collect their money instantly from their merchants, such as an online sportsbook. There is a standard fee of 1.95% to receive funds on an EntroPay card, but creating and using one is completely free. It is yet another option available to you when it comes to getting payouts electronically and in a timely fashion.

Credit Card Payments – For sports bettors outside of the U.S. one of the fastest ways to get paid by your online sportsbook is to get paid via a credit back to the card originally used to fund the sports betting account. Limits are usually high and fees are low!

Average Sportsbook Payout Times For 2021

The time it takes for an online sportsbook to cash you out from your account definitely varies. It can be very quick with certain forms of the electronic payout, though fees are associated with them. The longest method is obviously the checks that are mailed to you from the online sportsbook, which could take a couple of weeks before you see. It’s all about how long you are willing to wait for you to receive your payout from your account.

What Is The Best Method For Sports Betting Withdrawals?

It really depends on what your needs are… While it takes the longest to do, getting a check mailed to you requires the least amount of effort from you. On the other hand, if you want a quick way to get your payout, you will have to do that electronically, either by a wire transfer, or signing up for another form of electronic payment. It really comes down to what is available for bettors in your country, how much you are withdrawing, and how fast you want your payout.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Winnings?

Yes, all U.S. online sports bettors need to pay taxes on your winnings. All online winnings are considered taxable income, and there must be reported. Most sports bettors will enter their earnings as Other Income, and you can even deduct gambling losses if you itemize your deductions. That being said, online sports betting sites do not report your earnings to the IRS or any other third-parties.

Bettors from other countries, such as the United Kingdom, may not have to report or pay taxes at all. You can verify the tax requirements in your country by visiting the website of your local revenue agency.

What Are The Standard Minimum And Maximum Limits I Can Withdrawal?

Each site will have its own specific limits, but the standard minimum withdrawal is $10 while the typical maximum limit will be up to $50,000. Payout methods such as bitcoin and bank wire transfers will often be at the higher end of the general maximum limit. Person-to-person methods have lower limits, and checks generally fall somewhere in the middle.

Does My Payout Get Processed Using the Same Method I Made My Deposit With?

In most cases, your payout will get processed using the same method you made your deposit with. If you made a deposit with a method that is not available for payouts – such as a credit or debit card – you can contact customer service to verify your options. Typically, the online sportsbook will process your payout via bank wire transfer.

What Is The Fastest Payout Method?

The fastest payout method that you can choose is bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has quickly become the most popular sportsbook withdrawal option due to its speed and reliability. You can request $10 or you can request $50,000, and either way your funds will reach you within 48 hours. The fastest online sportsbooks will send bitcoin payouts in less than an hour. With no fees, guaranteed security, and flexible withdrawal limits, bitcoin is one of the top online sportsbook payout methods.

Is Bitcoin Safe To Use?

Bitcoin is one of the safest sportsbook payouts that you can use. The digital currency is legal in hundreds of countries, so you will have no problem sending and receiving bitcoin payments. The level of anonymity with bitcoin payouts is also a major benefit of using the currency. Rather than having to provide the online cashier with your bank account number to transfer your winnings, you only have to provide your bitcoin wallet address. The transactions are 100% secure and you can count on your payout being processed.

Which Sportsbook Has The Easiest Payouts?

Though all of the online sportsbooks featured on the site have reliable withdrawal options, has the easiest payouts. Not only do they offer all of the standard payout options like bitcoin, bank wires, and person-to-person, the online sportsbook has flexible withdrawal limits. Their 24/7 customer service team is also easy to get in contact with if you do have any payout questions. It is hard to beat the reliability, variety, and ease of processing offered by the 5Dimes sportsbook.

How Long Should It Take To Get My Payout?

The amount of time that it takes to receive your payout will depend on the method that you choose. You will want to allow time for the sportsbook to process your payout request, which typically can be up to 48 hours. After the processing window, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes for methods like bitcoin to up to 15 business days for an option like bank wire transfer. It should never take longer than a couple weeks to receive a payout, and if it does you may want to consider using a different online sportsbook.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Free Payouts?

Yes, some online sportsbooks do offer free payouts for their customers. This will usually come in the form of a monthly reward where the fees for the payout of your choice will be waived. Other sites will offer loyalty programs where you can get one free payout per month after you reach a certain level in the program. You should always take advantage of free payouts so that more of your winnings go into your pocket.

Can I Cash Out My Winnings With PayPal?

Depending on where you reside, you may or may not be able to cash out your winnings with PayPal. The online payment service has a strict policy against their service being used for gambling purposes in any country where certain gambling activities are not expressly legal. The sports betting laws in the U.S. are murky, which is why American sports bettors will not be able to use PayPal. Those that are placing bets from the United Kingdom and other countries will be able to request PayPal payouts at sites.

Are There Fees To Make A Book-to-Book Transfer?

No, the majority of online sports betting sites do not charge fees for outgoing book-to-book transfers. Being that the cashiers only work with participating sportsbooks, you typically will not have any fees for receiving the payout either. Book-to-book transfers are an excellent way to quickly move funds between multiple sportsbook accounts. There are often no limits to the amount that can be transferred from book-to-book.

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