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SugarHouse Sportsbook Review – Get Up to $250 on Your First Deposit Now

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Types of Bets with SugarHouse Sportsbook

PlaySugarHouse offers a wide range of betting options, with lines regularly updated. Below, you’ll find a list of the main types of bets you can make.

There are many in-game betting options at SugarHouse as well. The site has helpful features that indicate price changes as the lines move quickly. 

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline bet is the most basic wager you can make. A moneyline bet, otherwise known as a win bet, is where you put your money on a player or team to win the game outright. If they win, you win. Any other outcome means you lose your wager.

Odds do tend to be lower on major American team sports, however.

Point Spread

For players looking to add some excitement to their game, the point spread bet is a way to do it. These bets give better odds because the game is always stacked against the favorite.

For example, if the Indianapolis Colts are -7.5 against the Kansas City Chiefs, it means they either have to win the game or have to lose by seven points or less for the player to win a bet on the Colts. Likewise, a bet on the Chiefs means they need to beat the Colts by more than seven points.


A parlay is a type of bet that can lead to huge six-figure and seven-figure payouts. You bet on a series of games (usually four or more) and if your first game wins, the winnings are moved onto the second part of your parlay. This continues until you win. If just one of your games doesn’t come in, you lose the whole bet.

If you’re looking for something with a little less risk, a teaser bet may be the option for you. This is where you can alter the lines to reduce your risk but lower the odds.


Futures bets are types of wagers that are more long-term. An example of a futures bet would be to place a bet on your team winning the Super Bowl at the start of the season or betting on which player is going to be named the league MVP for the season.

These are harder to win, but they come with better odds.

PlaySugarHouse Jackpot Parlay

Perhaps one of the most notable features at SugarHouseNJ is the Jackpot Parlay. This gives bettors the opportunity to parlay three to eight prop bets for a massive payoff. The Jackpot Parlay, however, is more for those players who don’t want to spend lots of time making selections, as players are not able to choose what’s on their parlay card. 

In order to place a Jackpot Parlay, you would choose the Jackpot Parlay option from the homepage on You will be prompted to a screen with eight random games.

There are a few things you can change such as sports, number of games, timeframes, and the amount you wish to wager, of course. As you make changes, the jackpot will change. This is based on the number of games and the amount you are wagering.

If you do not feel up to taking eight games, there are lower amounts available as well. You can choose a minimum of three bets on the Jackpot Parlay. Then, when you are ready, simply place the bet. 

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