Tennessee’s loss to Oregon State adds to ‘bingo card’ of Rick Barnes tournament defeats


With over three decades of coaching experience, Rick Barnes is no stranger to the Big Dance. Barnes entered Friday with a 24-24 record in March Madness. Loss No. 25, 70-56 to Oregon State, was unique in an unfortunate way.

In the NCAA Tournament, 12-5 upsets are almost expected. It was the first time a Barnes squad, however, has fallen to a 12-seed. Bryan Fischer of Athlon Sports noted Barnes now has losses against teams seeded 1 through 12.

While some pointed out it shows that Barnes has made a large number of NCAA Tournament appearances, others marveled at the “stat.”

If a Barnes-coached UT draws a seed of 4 or higher in the Big Dance, some Vols fans are sure to be worried that a loss to a 13-seed is up next.



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