Visit Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

Acceptable Valid Id’s

All ID’s must have a photograph, be current, and written in English.

• US Issued Driver’s License
• US Issued State ID Card
• Resident Alien Card
• Passport
• Passport Card
• Current US Military ID

Basic Rules

• Must be 21 to enter. No ID no entry.
• No outside food or beverage.
• No weapons (includes knives).
• No outside alcohol or drinking in parking areas etc.
• We reserve the right to visually inspect all bags, packages and purses.
• Patron showing visible signs of intoxication are not allowed to enter or remain on property.
• We are not responsible for loss or damage resulting in the parking areas. Safe guard your valuables.


• Patrons under the age of 21 are NOT permitted on the Casino floor. • Patrons under the age 18 are not permitted in the OTW, Grandstands or racing apron except during live racing.
• During Live Racing minors are allowed in the OTW, Apron, Grandstands, the Terrance dining area (when open) 1 hour before the start of live racing until ½ hour after the end of the last race.
• All minors must remain under control (within physical control-approximately arms length of) and accompanied by an adult while on property.
• Minors under 18 may not be left unattended on property including in your hotel room or in your vehicle without an adult present.

Photography Policy

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races (“HCCTR”) permits still photography, limited for personal use on the racing side of the facility subject to the following conditions:

• Cameras with a detachable or professional lens will not be permitted onto HCCTR grounds without an HCCTR issued media credential. This includes telephoto or zoom lenses of any kind and interchangeable lenses of any kind.
• HCCTR reserves the right to disallow cameras that, in the opinion of HCCTR will be used to produce professionally or commercially marketed images. • Flash photography is strictly prohibited.
• Camcorders or any other audio/visual equipment are prohibited unless authorized by HCCTR.
• No tripod or other photography equipment may be used without an HCCTR issued media credential.
• HCCTR strictly prohibits the use of still photos or video footage for commercial or professional purposes without the express written approval and issuance of a media credential by HCCTR.
• Anyone wishing to take photographs in the barn area must be issued a valid media credential by HCCTR and have express permission by HCCTR to do so. If any horses are photographed, permission must be obtained by the trainer of any horse being photographed.

No photography or audio/visual recording of any kind is permitted on the gaming floor.


• Members of the media and anyone taking photographs for commercial or professional use must obtain an HCCTR issued media credential prior to doing so.
• Photography is limited to the outdoor areas of the track and may not occur indoors or at mutuel windows.
• Credentials are issued on a per event basis and not valid for any length of time past the date of issuance.
• Daily media credentials are given to applicants who represent a professional media organization that provides content in a prudent and responsible manner.
• Applicants that do not represent a professional media organization may be considered for credentials, but only if they have previously demonstrated prudent and responsible coverage of HCCTR or thoroughbred racing on a regular basis.
• For all types of credentials and outlets, credentials will only be issued to those whose primary purpose is news gathering and dissemination. Outlets who seek to obtain credentials mainly for commercial gain will not be provided with credentials.
• Freelance writers, photographers, and videographers may only receive a credential based on the publication they are representing and on a pre-approved story concept.
• Applying in no way guarantees a media outlet will receive credentials. HCCTR has the right to deny or revoke credentials for any reason at any time.
• HCCTR requires anyone intending to bring equipment on site have proof of insurance on file prior to the date of the event.


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