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WagerWeb Bonus Code – 50% of your first deposit (Jun 2021)

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Wagerweb Bonus Code

The 1990’s website continues to gather respect by offering fantastic gambling services. Some of the things that make the sites notable are its astounding design and the shocking finish. Wagerweb also offers punters bonuses that you will find very welcoming. To claim your Wagerweb bonus, click Join Now and follow the steps.

WagerWeb bonus code enter

  1. Enter your names as they appear on your government ID or passport.
  2. Give your address information.
  3. State the postal code.
  4. Enter your email and confirm
  5. Create your Wagerweb password and follow the instruction to make your account active.
  6. With or without a Wagerweb bonus code, make a deposit to activate your bonus.

Claim the bonus

Keep in mind that not any deposit you make is enough to activate the offer. You need to deposit the minimum amount stated by the operator. To know what you stand to gain on the site, continue reading below.

Wagerweb sign-up promotion for new players

WagerWeb welcome bonus

There is a welcoming offer for new Wagerweb members, and that is to give you an incredible first impression. But unlike most bettors, there is a slight difference in Wagerweb’s welcome packages. For example, you will meet three different offers, which are:

Welcome bonus – 50% cash up to $1,000 OR 75% free play bonus

The first type of bonus is the 50% welcome offer or 75% free play bonus. To get the bonus you need to deposit at least $100 in your verified Wagerweb betting account. You must also be 18 years and older. To make the offer worth it, the operator gives punters a 5% cashback on any loss they make in the casino section together with a 5% cashback on overall cash spent on the racebook section. The Wagerweb welcome bonus is also withdrawable so long as you meet the (x15) rollover. When punting, make sure you don’t stake more than 20% of the package on a single bet. These are the rules the operator requires you to observe when using the bonus. Remember, you don’t need a Wagerweb bonus code for this offer.

High roller bonus – 20% cash OR 30% free play bonus

Gamblers also have a chance to scoop the 20% cash or 30% free play high roller bonus. Each individual who wants the reward should, however, deposit at least $100 in his or her Wagerweb punting account. The amount will activate the welcome bonus and also a 5% weekly cashback on casino losses as well as a 5% weekly cashback on every amount used to bet on horse races. The high roller bonus has a (x15) wager requirement. The intriguing part about this offer is that it doesn’t have any restrictions on stakes placed.

Elite bonus – 10% cash OR 15% free play bonus

Lastly, a new customer can opt for the elite bonus, which is very appealing. What distinguishes this bonus from the two above is the kind of inclusions it contains. But first, the elite bonus requires an activation amount of at least $100. In return, the operator gives you a 15% free play bonus or a 10% cash bonus. Regardless of the bonus you take, you will have to fulfil a (x8) wager for you to withdraw it from the bonus account. But unlike the welcome and the high roller bonus, this one comes with significant inclusions. For example, there is a 5% weekly cashback for all major racebook tracks and casino losses. You also get a 1% cashback on all stakes you make on the sportsbook and live betting section.

Activate your bonus

Bonuses for existing players

Offers are not only for new punters but also for existing customers who are ready to activate their Wagerweb accounts and keep it active. These bonuses occur regularly, and some of the notable kinds include:

WagerWeb sports cashback bonus

There is a 10% cashback promotion every week for active gamblers. The promotion is quite distinct from the rest since you get to earn back the volume amount spent on staking regardless of your wins or losses. Wagerweb sportsbook cashback is, however, inapplicable if you don’t apply for the elite bonus on every weekly deposit. Any attempt to change your weekly program will also retract the sportsbook cashback bonus.

Wagerweb casino players have a casino cashback promotion that doesn’t need a Wagerweb promotional code. However, it requires you to maintain your casino activities other than staking on live casino games. The platform gives you 5% cashback for your casino losses every Monday of the week. To make the Wagerweb offer intriguing, the operator states that the casino cashback doesn’t come with a wagering requirement. Instead, you are going to get free cash, which you can stake and win real money. In case there is a problem with your casino cashback requirement, contact the operator, and have the issue rectified.

WagerWeb bitcoin bonus

To encourage Wagerweb gamblers to transact using bitcoins, the operator has come up with a working strategy. That is by offering daily payouts on bitcoin transactions. You can, therefore, request for the payout but know that the sportsbook has weekday and weekend payout limits. For instance, there is a daily payout limit of $3000 every weekday. The sportsbook also has a payout limit of $1000 on weekends. Per week the total amount it pays out is $10,000. Bettors don’t need a Wagerweb bonus code for the payout.

At Wagerweb, the 10th time is always a charm, and here is why. If you manage to make a total of 9 deposits without requesting payouts, then Wagerweb bookie is going to give you the 10th deposit for free. The amount you get will be equivalent to the total amount you deposited those nine days. 10th times a charm promotion comes with a wager of (x5), and also, the consecutive deposits must be within 90 days. Lastly, you must not combine this promotion with any other offer, and your account balance and other pending bets must be $0. Visit the Wagerweb account for additional information regarding the 10th times a charm deposit.

Refer a friend & Get a free play WagerWeb referral

The operator offers a free play or free offer to punters as a way of promoting its unique and working betting platform. However, punters should first refer a friend to the site using their Wagerweb link. The more punters you refer to the Wagerweb betting site, the more free plays you get. As soon as you register for an account and verify the details, you will be eligible to start referring friends to Wagerweb. It is an excellent way of benefiting from the site without having to strain a lot. Active gamblers tend to enjoy significantly from refer a friend and get a free play promotion. Visit the Wagerweb for more information about the offer.

Does Wagerweb offer a no deposit bonus?

Before answering the question, you need to know that a no deposit bonus is the type of offer where the bookie rewards you without requiring a deposit. It may be free spins, bonus cash, or free offer. Very few sites have the no deposit bonus, and unfortunately, Wagerweb is not one of them. As a result, opting for Wagerweb offers like sportsbook cashback, casino cashback, and bitcoin payouts is a smart way of enjoying the benefits of being a Wagerweb member. In case you need affirmation of the existence of the no deposit bonus, you can contact the Wagerweb support.

Wagerweb mobile bonus

The mobile bonus is another promotion that lacks on Wagerweb promotions list. That is in spite of its magnetic abilities to attract gamblers. Similar to the no deposit bonus, there is no bonus code to help you acquire such an offer. As a result, spend more time acquiring the other packages instead of dwelling on the mobile bonus. Note, accessing the existing offers is easier when using a compatible phone. That is the best way to keep winning with Wagerweb bonuses without having to worry about when the mobile bonus will be availed.

Payment methods

Wagerweb payment methods are distinct from those of new betting sites. Most of the options are not as fast as conventional methods. However, there are others like bitcoins and credit card options that are instant. For fast transactions, you can rely on them to give you the speedy results you are seeking. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you will find the check mode of payment to be convenient. That is because it allows you to transact huge sums of money. Wagerweb punters should, however, be ready to wait for at most 15 days for the completion of the whole process. These are payment methods that are proving to be working exemplary well on Wagerweb website. In case you want to find out more about the options available, have a look at the Wagerweb deposit and withdrawal data highlighted below.


Where can I see the available offers in Wagerweb?

Wagerweb’s available offers can be found in the promotions section of the Wagerweb website. The link to the page is situated to the far right of the top menu.

Does Wagerweb have an offer that has a free bet on it?

No, currently, Wagerweb lacks an offer that has free bets. However, the site has plenty of cashback offers together with the refer a friend offers, which punters can use to punt on various matches.

Do I need a Wagerweb promo code for the welcome bonus?

No, you don’t need a Wagerweb promo code for you to get a welcome bonus. What you require is to deposit to activate the welcome bonus. The same goes for high roller and elite bonuses.

Is there a bonus that doesn’t require a wagering requirement?

Yes, there is a bonus that doesn’t require a wagering requirement on the Wagerweb website. For example, the casino cashback bonus doesn’t need a wager.

What should I do if I fail to receive my bonus after claiming?

If you fail to receive your bonus after claiming you need to check if you qualify for the package. You can get the information under the bonus terms and conditions. In case you do, contact the Wagerweb customer support.

Is there a promo code casino free spins?

The promotions section doesn’t have any offer for casino free spins. You can, however, come across such offers when roaming on the internet.

How do I know there is a new offer in Wagerweb?

The operator may notify you in your email upon the availability of a new offer. In case they don’t, have a look at the Wagerweb promotion page.

Is it possible to cancel an ongoing offer?

If you want to cancel an ongoing offer, you need to contact the customer support. As a result, you are going to lose any winnings that resulted from the offer.

Company information

Wagerweb traces its root back to 1994. Despite its success, the parent company later sold the gambling site to a private corporation. Being one of the earliest sportsbooks, the operator has tried its level best to maintain high standards. As a result, they have been able to attract new clients and retain old ones. Wagerweb currently boasts of having one of the best betting platforms in addition to its fantastic layout. You will agree with that by looking at its structure and design, as well as the appealing themes it possesses.

The beautiful interface, combined with the responsive controls, enable punters to have a fabulous time betting on Wagerweb matches. It also has a casino section that has plenty of games, including live casino rooms. Furthermore, you will be intrigued by the bonuses and promotions. That is especially the cashback offers it has. Punters who are always sceptical about betting sites will be interested in finding out that the bookie holds a Costa Rica gambling license, which makes punting on the site safe.

Few sites can compete with Wagerweb when it comes to customer support. The punting site has more than five contact details that you can use to reach Wagerweb’s support. That is without including the live chat feature which most Wagerweb clients prefer. As a result, you are sure that from all those contact details, there is at least one which will give you direct access to an unoccupied Wagerweb agent:

Final verdict & bonus rating

Wagerweb makes its clients proud with its bonus ratings. That is because the site happens to have appealing offers for both old and new customers. Furthermore, if you remain inactive for more than three months, the operator deems you as a new client. What is, however, captivating about Wagerweb offers is the fact that they come with plenty of inclusions. For example, you are going to find sportsbook and casino cashback added to the bonuses. You will also find promotions that don’t have to worry about playing the wagering requirements.

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