Yet Another Apocalypse is Upon Us: California is Experiencing ‘Skyquakes’ Nobody Can Explain

San Diego Tribune – For the third time since February, a mysterious boom was heard and shaking felt Tuesday night by residents across San Diego County. 

The latest mystery phenomena — sometimes referred to as a skyquake — was reported just before 8:20 p.m. by residents as far south as Tijuana. …

A similar incident shook the region on Feb. 16. At the time, the United States Geological Survey tweeted that the shaking wasn’t an earthquake “but it may have been a sonic boom which are not too uncommon” in San Diego.

About three weeks later, on March 10, residents across the region again reported a similar shaking and loud boom, though no earthquakes were reported.

On Tuesday night, the USGS website again showed no seismic activity in the region. …

One caller reported hearing what they thought was someone on their roof, though dispatchers and officers believed it was likely related to the mysterious shaking, according to police radio traffic. 

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria heard it, too. 

Got it!

Giphy Images.

Nice try, Mr. Mayor. But the people who aren’t vaccinated by now aren’t going to take time out of what might be their last days on Earth to get shots. Covid was the last crisis. People are only wired to handle one vague, unexplained, but major existential threat at a time. And when the choice is between focusing on a microbe or the fact their house is mysteriously shaking and no one knows why, they’re going to focus on the sound of something or someone trying to reduce their home to rubble every damned time. Beside, a fat lot of good getting protection from that when there are giant, mystery sonic booms literally rocking their world. 

But make no mistake, somebody knows what these sounds are, and they’re not saying. Maybe because they’re the ones responsible. Maybe they know but they can’t do anything about it. Or perhaps they understand this is the sound of our impending and inevitable doom, and there’s no sense in telling us ahead of time.

Whatever the explanation, this is one of those strange phenomena where the authorities claim to be completely in the dark, the media covers them for a while, and then drops it to move onto the next unexplained occurrence. Like that seismic ripple that went around the world a couple of years ago. The observatory in New Mexico that got evacuated and shut down by the feds and even the local sheriff didn’t know why. And all the other moments of high strangeness that ended up inspiring half of your best X-Files episodes. 

I think it’s safe to say that huge, building-shaking sonic booms not related to any seismic activity whatsoever definitely qualifies. I have to admit when I first heard the term, I thought Skyquake has an infinite number of possible uses. It could be the name of a Christian metal band. A 007 movie. A fantasy role playing game. A wrestler. A muscle building protein powder. A vibrator, perhaps. But after giving it some thought, I think it works perfect well as the name of the coming Apocalypse. We had a good run. It’s been nice knowing you. 


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